How to ease the transition back to school for the anxious students in our life

Free Webinar for Parents and Special Educators:

Both teachers and students will have to adjust to the school environment this fall. Mendability, will be providing some tips on how to make this transition easier for both parties.

Teachers will be facing kids who have been learning over zoom for the past year, and for some of them learning from the comfort of their home has been easier in comparison to the school setting (especially for kids on the spectrum since they feel safer and less overwhelmed when they are home). 

There are Sensory Enrichment solutions for these issues. For example, having less busy walls in classrooms, can help reduce overload.

Parents want to understand what their child is experiencing internally and to help them feel better. If Sensory Enrichment activities can be done every day at home and at school, over time, the child’s emotional resilience, dealing with transitions and managing stress and overload will increase and stay that way.

For parents we will cover:

  • Understanding what your child is experiencing and how to comfort them
  • Sensory enrichment strategies to help them feel more relaxed(at home or at school)
  • Do’s and Don’ts when helping a child on the spectrum regulate their emotions

For special educators we will cover:

  • Decreasing the gap between the online-at home experience and the classroom experience
  • Providing a calmer classroom environment to make the transition easier
  • Reducing the pressure of performance and expectations within the school environment

We will be sure to cover the different needs of children who are: 

  • Sensory seekers 
  • Sensory avoiders
  • Movers 
  • Non-verbal students

About our presenter: Claudie Pomares

Claudie Pomares - Mendability Chief Scientisit

Claudie Pomares has worked in hospitals, daycares, and educational settings in France, Canada, and the USA for over 30 years. Her university studies lead her to develop an expertise in sensory stimulation and its impact on brain development.

Read more about her here.

Mendability is a telehealth program focused on the well-being of the brain.

We use sensory enrichment to stimulate the human brain and enable it to treat itself. This happens when the brain creates better connections to replace the ones it didn’t develop or has lost.

Our program consists of daily exercises that you can do from home and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. To learns more check out the how the program works page and what it helps with.

4 thoughts on “How to ease the transition back to school for the anxious students in our life”

  1. Her intent is good but the way she talks is as if autistic people are to be fixed with the “methods” suggested. What a load of patronising and disrespectful attitude. Some of her suggestions are dangerous. Please read books written by autistic people like Temple Grandin, Luke Bardon.


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