Bring Focus, Calm, and Learning into Your Classroom

Training Package for your team to transform their classroom environment with Sensory Enrichment

Watch what happened to this Special Education team after they bought the training package.

What you will get with this training package

This is not just a course.


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Self-paced Online Course

Our self-paced online course provides 3 hours of core content, including engaging videos and quizzes, to prepare you for sensory enrichment.

There is also 10 hours of bonus content, offering in-depth insights and practical tips to enhance your teaching.

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3 x 1-Hour Live Customized Sessions

After completing the core content, you’ll participate in three 1-hour follow-up group training sessions over three months.

These sessions are customized to fit your team’s exact needs. We may provide advanced training on behavior regulation, handwriting, or learning abstract concepts, etc.

Plus, enjoy refreshments during these engaging sessions.

6 x Weekly Onboarding Sessions

These personalized one-on-one check-ins with your coordinator are there to help you integrate sensory enrichment practices seamlessly and deeply into your classroom.

No two classrooms are the same.

For some pull-out sessions are the best time to implement customized sensory enrichment activities.

Others might prefer setting the tone each day with a set of welcoming activities for their entire class.

Real Success Stories

Discover the incredible impact of the Mendability training package on schools just like yours. Read on to learn how our program has transformed classrooms, enhanced learning outcomes, and nurtured a calmer, more engaged student body.

"At the beginning of the year, there was a lot of tension throughout the day. But now, we can sit with them, enjoy their company, and build those relationships. Their learning has flourished!"

"My students struggled with letter recognition, but Mendability's sensory approach helped them remember and write confidently."

"Sensory activities may take some time, but they leave us with more effective teaching moments. It's worth every minute."

"The Mendability Minute has made a difference for emotionally dysregulated students. They look forward to it, and I've seen a transformation in their ability to focus and learn."

"The sensory activities and Mendability techniques have helped my students focus, even during their most tired moments."

"Just putting on calming music in the background can transform the classroom atmosphere."

"Even my most inattentive students ask for calming activities. It's made a lot of difference in our classroom environment."

"When a frustrated student wanted to disengage, Mendability's sensory approach brought him back to focus, and he persevered for 40 minutes!"

"I have a student who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and also ADHD. So she's very highly strung. She really struggles to focus and to sit. She's always up and bouncing around. She said to me: "This is my favorite because I just feel so calm, and I just feel so good!"

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