"I have one student who had been solely self-contained, and is now going to class and getting A's!!!!!!"

— Spec. Ed. Teacher, Idaho School District, May 2022
— after only 6 weeks of implementation

Activating brain plasticity to improve academic performance and behavior

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Brain Map - Sensory Enricment Therapy helps with attention, mood and behavior, learning, motor skills, eating, sleep, etc.

Clinically Proven • Effective • Safe • Easy to Do • Affordable

Mendability protocol for schools 1
In randomized controlled trials, 42% of children with autism had a clinically significant improvement with Sensory Enrichment Therapy, compared to 7% in the group who only had standard care
1) Percent of individuals with clinical gains on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) - 2) Percentage of individuals who moved up by one diagnosis classification
Mendability protocol for schools 2

Mendability started over 25 years ago providing a new evidence-based and clinically-validated form of therapy to assist children with developmental and learning disabilities. Recently, a large school district contracted us to adapt our program for Special Education.

Post-COVID-19 students struggled much more with anxiety, depression, trauma, and attention. This is where I program really helped…

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a daily, fun, evidence-based program of short (5 mins.) hands-on activities designed to stimulate neurogenesis.

Facilitators receive training, mobile tools and support. To minimize the learning curve we can also send a Mendability Ambassador to help integrate this new modality onsite.

Are you a Special Education professional?

Would you like to set up a call for a demo?

Learn more about helping the students to first settle down and about stimulating their brains to improve learning abilities.

Is this for your health practice?

We can certify you to use our online suite of tools that manage and customize Sensory Enrichment Therapy programs for your clients. 

Is this for a member of your family?

You can do Sensory Enrichment Therapy from home with your own child (or adult).

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