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Progressive Program

Annual payment
10 staff + 50 students


  • Program customized to each class
  • Enhanced training for teachers and aides
  • Quarterly professional development
  • Enhanced training for program manager(s)
  • Onsite visit for 3 days for onboarding
  • Equipment audit
  • 3 months one-on-one onboarding
  • Unlimited phone and SMS support
  • Automated Reports
  • Sensory Start included
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Mendability Minute

One-time payment
10 Classrooms


  • Training for teachers, aides, and program manager(s)
  • 2 months one-on-one onboarding
  • Equipment provided
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The Mendability Minute Package is THE best way to introduce students and teachers to the power of Sensory Enrichment.

Sensory Space

One-time payment
Based on 300 sqft design


  • All the Features included in the Progressive Program
  • 2-day installation
  • Customized space
  • Burn-out prevention for staff
  • 10-year warranty
  • Equipment provided
  • More fun
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○ Up to 10 teachers and paraprofessionals

○ Quarterly group training and updates (live 1-hour sessions with refreshments)

○ The first session will be on site with a Mendability Coach, the rest will be virtual

○ Weekly 15-minute one-on-one check-ins for the first 2 months

○ 10-hour online certification course available

○ Weekly 30-minute one-on-one check-ins for the first 2 months

○ Text and video instructions provided on the application

○ Help button on every page to initiate a quick chat with the Mendability team

○ Weekly one-on-one check-ins for the first 2 months

○ Short baseline questionnaire for each student for customization of the program

○ Introduction of the Sensory Start into all the participating classrooms

○ Start the customized protocols (after two weeks of Sensory Start)

○ Protocols are updated biweekly after this


New Sensory Enrichment materials shipped to each class every month: $40/m/class

Nothing beats seeing the class dynamics and students in person to provide additional training and support. $1,000 per visit (up to 4 classrooms)

This is not your typical sensory room.

Mendability - Sensory Rooms - Layout Draft 1
The room can accommodate up to 6 students and accompanying professional.

This diagram represents a series of therapy stations that correlate to specific protocols that have been developed and tested by Mendability. Stations are easily adaptable to deliver multiple protocols. 

More than exposing the individual to generic stimuli, Environmental Enrichment Rooms were created and designed by Mendability to trigger the mechanisms of brain plasticity and direct the surge of activity and growth to specific brain functions.

Environmental Enrichment therapy and rooms have been shown in clinical trials to be many times more effective than standard care and standard sensory environment.

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