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DALL-E 2024-01-18 - In a warm serene setting at dusk symbolizing peace and hope a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is sitting gently showing calm and focus with a dog

Service Dogs in ASD Families Reduce Symptoms by 13%, Easing Parental Anxiety

A landmark study published in PLOS ONE delves into the systemic effects of integrating service dogs into families with a child diagnosed with ASD. Using standardized scales like the Autism Behavior Inventory Short Form (ABI-S), they saw a notable decrease of 14 points (13%) in overall autism symptoms.

While the children’s overall anxiety did not see any significant changes, the parents did show a notable difference in their anxiety levels.

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Impact of Prenatal Stress and Postnatal Enrichment on Brain Development: Insights and Implications for Stress Management in School Children

In a groundbreaking study, researchers delved into the effects of prenatal stress, specifically noise stress, on the hippocampal region of female rat offspring. More importantly, they investigated how postnatal environmental enrichment can mitigate these effects. This research is not just a leap in neuroscience but also beams a ray of hope in understanding stress management in school children.

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6 Steps to Relieve After-School Overload

Help them feel relief at home instead of crashing and releasing all their tension on the family with a meltdown. 6 steps from the science of environmental enrichment to use at home to build resilience.

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