Autism therapy to help students attend regular school without accommodations

Free Webinar for Parents and Special Educators

Sensory overload, communication delays, pressure to perform, understaffed classrooms are only a few of the reasons why children with autism struggle in regular classrooms.

Sensory Enrichment Therapy can help re-wire the brain functions involved in managing social situations, improve speech development, process sensory inputs, etc.

We will review techniques we have used with our clients and interview a panel of families who participated in our program of Sensory Enrichment.

About our presenter: Claudie Pomares

Claudie Pomares - Mendability Chief Scientisit

Claudie Pomares has worked in hospitals, daycares, and educational settings in France, Canada, and the USA for over 30 years. Her university studies lead her to develop an expertise in sensory stimulation and its impact on brain development.

Read more about her here.

Mendability is a telehealth program focused on the well-being of the brain.

We use sensory enrichment to stimulate the human brain and enable it to treat itself. This happens when the brain creates better connections to replace the ones it didn’t develop or has lost.

Our program consists of daily exercises that you can do from home and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. To learns more check out the how the program works page and what it helps with.

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