Sensory Enrichment Therapy Online Certification Course

Can be administrated as a telehealth therapy.

Videos + Interactive Quizzes

Learn the techniques of Sensory Enrichment to increase brain plasticity & improve brain functioning

Expect these results in your patients/students:

  • Higher IQ
  • 21% fell below ADOS cut-off for autism after 6 months
  • 6x more effective than standard care alone

Course Info

Time10 hours
Continuing Education1.0 CEUs, 10 contact hours
Minimum Qualifications*Master’s degree or Bachelor’s plus 2 years’ experience in a related field
CertificateAutomatically delivered upon completion
Time LimitNo time limit
SupportPhone and Email support included

*Assistant course available for COTAs, PTAs and teacher assistants. Call to inquire.

Customer Review

I am an Occupational Therapist and have been for the past 20 years. For about 10 years now I have been working in Early Intervention.

For the last several months I have been implementing Sensory Enrichment Therapy as a Mendability coach for the families of the birth to 3-year-old children whom I am working with and I am hooked, a 100% true believer!

The children I work with have a variety of diagnosis and delays. These children were making some progress already, but with Mendability progress has jumped and appears to be occurring more rapidly.

The research is solid, the results are astounding.

— Sarah Grant, MS, OTR/L

Take a look at the outline before you sign up!

Course Outline

Understand why background knowledge about brain function, environmental enrichment and the principles of Sensory Enrichment Therapy will help you as a therapist to implement the therapy well and help individuals overcome the challenges of neurological disorders.

  1. Brain Map (Part 1 and 2) Identify the key roles, functions, and physiology of the brain as it relates to Sensory Enrichment Therapy.
  2. Brain Chemistry
    Explain how neurons communicate and describe the impact of brain chemistry on development and behavior.
  3. Brain Plasticity
    Describe the tools the brain uses to grow and repair itself.
  4. Environmental Enrichment
    Explain how animal studies support the idea that experiences can change brain structure long after development is complete.
  5. Development of Sensory Enrichment
    Describe how the science of environmental enrichment was developed into a practical therapy.
    Sensory Enrichment Therapy Principles Describe how Sensory Enrichment Therapy works.

Become familiar with how Mendability assists parents and professionals in implementing Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ in their homes and clinics.

  1. The Expert System
    Explain how the expert system selects the best Sensory Enrichment Therapy protocols.
  2. The Baseline Questionnaire
    Describe how the expert system gathers baseline information about the participant.
  3. The Progress Questionnaire
    Describe how to report the client’s changes and progress to the expert system in order to get the most beneficial worksheets.
  4. Goals
    Explain the importance of the goals in Mendability and how they factor into the therapy and expert system.
  5. Worksheets
    Describe how to use Mendability’s worksheets to do Sensory Enrichment Therapy.
  6. Client Self-Support
    List the various features of Mendability designed to help parents to stay engaged with the Therapy.
  1. Multisensory Core Protocol
    Describe the key factors of the Multisensory Core Protocol and discuss commonly asked questions about olfactory, tactile and visual activities.
  2. Sensory Enrichment Foundation
    Explain the importance of incorporating short sensory pairings into existing daily routines to provide additional opportunities for brain development throughout the day and multiply the effects of the therapy activities.
  3. Other Examples of SET™ Exercises
    Interpret some Sensory Enrichment Therapy protocols and discuss commonly asked questions about the elements of these activities.
  4. What progress looks like with Sensory Enrichment Therapy
    Analyze what to expect and what progress should look like with Sensory Enrichment Therapy.
  5. How do I know I have had a good therapy session?
    Evaluate the effectiveness of a therapy session.
  6. What if the therapy session did not go well?
    Anticipate some of the challenges that you may face as you implement Sensory Enrichment Therapy and discuss ways to overcome these challenges.
  7. What if the exercises seem too easy or too hard?
    Judge the appropriateness of a Sensory Enrichment Therapy protocol, even when it appears that the prescribed activity appears too weak or too complex.
  8. Needs outside of Sensory Enrichment Therapy™
    Formulate plans concerning how to act for situations or events that do not fall under the purview of Sensory Enrichment Therapy.
  1. Roles of the therapist
    Describe your role as a Sensory Enrichment therapist and some methods to complement Mendability’s online tools with your expertise.
  2. Client relationship management tools
    Employ the tools that Mendability provides you as an approved service provider to manage care and your relationship with your clients.
  3. Your responsibilities as a certified professional
    Discuss the expectations for approved providers once they become certified.

Wondering how to incorporate this new therapy into your practice?

Call: 888-579-7002 or Email

We will help you with questions about the therapy and with any challenges that arise in implementing the therapy.  We will also help you in integrating the therapy into your practice.  Just as no two clients are the same, no two therapists have the same practice or run it the same way.  We will help customize integration solutions for your particular situation.

As a certified Mendability provider, you can choose how much you want to be involved in the therapy. You may refer and/or supervise clients and/or administer the therapy directly to your clients. Your role may range from helping clients get started with the therapy to guiding them through each step of their journey with Mendability.

You may support your client yourself or you may refer them to the therapy and Mendability will be assigned to support them.

  • You may supervise parents as they deliver the therapy to their child at home and/or in your clinic.
  • You may supervise other caregivers who deliver the therapy in homes, clinics, or other healthcare settings.
  • Your supervision can be carried out face-to-face or via telehealth methods (e.g. phone, video, www).
  • You may also deliver the therapy directly to recipients.
  • Or you may implement any combination of the above.
  • You may invite the client to pay the licensing fee to Mendability.
  • You may pay the licensing fee to Mendability, and then you may bill your client yourself for whatever level of service you offer at a price you set.
  • A healthcare facility or larger organization may also pay for a special group license to implement the therapy with a number of clients.

This course takes on average 10 hours to complete. 

The Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Certification Course is limited to professionals with a Master’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree plus 2 years experience in a related field. With this training, professional therapists will be able to confidently add Sensory Enrichment Therapy into their practice to improve the recovery rate of their clients. This Certification Course is provided completely online. You can take the course using your own computer or mobile device. To deliver this therapy, you will need to know:

  • What Sensory Enrichment Therapy entails,
  • The neuroscience upon which it is based,
  • How to use the software on which it runs,
  • The practical application of the therapy,
  • How to work with clients and manage that relationship as it pertains to Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and
  • How to integrate the therapy into your business and therapy practice.

Certification shows that you have taken the online certification course and achieved the minimum requirements for certification. Certification may fall under one of the following classifications:

  • Active (Certificate holder has an unexpired certificate and an active Mendability account in good standing)
  • Inactive (Certificate holder does not have an active Mendability account in good standing)
  • Expired (Certificate holder has not recertified in the required time frame)
  • Suspended (Certificate holder is under disciplinary actions for the purpose of correcting errant behavior)
  • Revoked (Certificate holder has either not responded favorably to the suspension, or has committed grossly errant behavior resulting in the loss of certification)

Only with an active certification are you able to engage in Sensory Enrichment Therapy. An active certification gives you the title of Approved Provider of Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and allows you to charge for, supply support services, and/or engage directly in Sensory Enrichment Therapy as per the approved provider manual that you will have access to.

Upon successful completion of your online certification course, you will also be awarded 1.0 CEU’s (10 Contact Hours) to apply towards your continuing education requirements as a professional.

This training will be 100% online but you still have the option to call us with any questions.

Within the online content, there will be visual slides presenting text summaries, data, charts, animations, and videos. The course content will also be narrated to aid audio learners. In addition, there will be text-based content to accompany all of the material.

A few learning modules will be presented in text form only. These sections are primarily short and informational, not conducive to a slide presentation and too short for audio recordings.

Module assessments will be interactive and will use multiple choice / true-false questions to evaluate your learning. In the event of an incorrect answer, you will be able to return to the relevant part of the course content to review the answer before attempting the question again.

You may retake any questions that you get wrong, and you must eventually answer all questions 100% correctly to achieve certification.

There will also be a final exam at the conclusion of the course requiring 100% score with multiple attempts. The final exam is an open book test, meaning that you can refer back to your own notes or to the course material when answering questions.

In addition, we request that you complete an online evaluation of the course after obtaining the certification.

The online certification course is expected to take about 10 hours to complete.

There is now a 3-month time limit to complete the course which should be more than enough time. If you need any extensions, you may apply for one.

This course was built on the LearnDash platform that displays quite well on a mobile device.

Please feel free to reply to the course emails or dial 1-888-579-7002. We are here to help you succeed with Sensory Enrichment Therapy. We will help you with questions about the therapy and with any challenges that arise in implementing the therapy. We will also help you in integrating the therapy into your practice. Just as no two clients are the same, no two therapists have the same practice or run it the same way. We will help customize integration solutions for your particular situation.

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