How the Program Works

Science has been reminding us that nature offers the best solutions to help us feel less anxious, overwhelmed or disconnected.

Mendability has developed an evidence-based, clinically-validated therapy to make living with autism simpler and more comfortable.

Can you smell this picture?


It feels amazing, doesn’t it?

Did you know that the sense of smell is connected to the pleasure centers in the brain and a nice scent can double your brain’s dopamine levels?

That’s the power of Sensory Enrichment.

In this video, you can see that these little children stop crying when they’re smelling.

That scent holds up a “stop screaming” sign to the brain and tells it to process the scent which is a reminder of something enjoyable.

You can try this for yourself!

Grab an orange or a perfume you really like and see how the smell makes you feel.

And smell is just one of the senses that we can use to stimulate the brain! Imagine what you can do when you combine two or even three senses!

How does this simple method relate to autism?

When helping a child with autism, repetition and a structured schedule are critical. Mendability combines the two: repetitive sensory stimulation. 

Our program contains sensory exercises that stimulate brain plasticity. 

While there is still so much we don’t know about the brain, what we do know is that when exposed to new experiences and repetition, the human brain will create and consolidate new connections.

Evidence Based

 Clinically Validated

No special equipment required

We use things that can usually be found in your home, all you need are a few simple things and once you get your customized worksheet, you can get started.

Mendability Exercises

Some of the exercises you will be doing

What it will help with

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Within only a few weeks you will notice your child’s behavior changing and simplicity will gradually return to your daily tasks.

As a brain stimulation program, Sensory Enrichment can help most of the areas of life that the brain controls, such as mood regulation, learning, attention, sleep, sensory processing, motor control, etc. 

The rate of progress you can expect

Sample Progress Chart on Mendability

Take a 2-minute test to see how kids with similar conditions to yours have done in the program.

Track your progress

The online worksheet and tools will guide your process.

No need to worry if you get confused your coach can guide you through it.

Line Chart with Expected Progress

Customized plan

By taking into account your feedback on your child’s progress, our algorithm anticipates when it’s a suitable time to make changes and improvements   

Your plan will update accordingly every 2 weeks.

Online instructions

You can access your therapy assignments via an easy-to-use web portal and you decide how much of your customized worksheet you do each day.

Mendability video instructions

The therapy is presented with video and text instructions. 

You can exchange advice with other parents through the members-only forum.

Sensory Enrichment Therapy - Results with Autism - Improvements Over a Range of Symptoms

You can track your progress in a variety of different areas, such as communication skills, sensory processing, attention span, sleep, etc.

Working with a Mendability coach

You will be working directly with one of our coaches who will help guide you through the therapy.

They will work with you to find a convenient time for you one-on-one appointments.

Working with a Mendability coach
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