Customer Reviews

The following are unsolicited comments made by our customers. They are shared with their permission. Some names were changed to protect their privacy.

  • “This is really working! My toddler has started using functional language!
    His cognition has improved, his motor skills are getting way better, he is finally starting to climb and point and wave and able to copy signs. He has been blossoming intensely, really catching up at a faster rate. Now we have SO much hope!”
    – Melissa M. (New Zealand)
    parent of a 3-year-old boy

  • “I think that [my son] is responding great to the therapy! He definitely seems to be following instructions better across the board and is just a little more aware of the world around him.
    We have also seen some improvements in speech, pronunciation, eating, handwriting and overall function.”
    – Sara J. (California)
    parent of a 4-year-old boy
  • “My 15-year-old son who is mostly nonverbal has been doing Mendability for only a month. Already we see huge changes. He’s sleeping better, [feels a lot calmer], and is starting to use more words.
    All across his many activities his teachers and coaches have noticed more attention and cooperation as well as being more relaxed.
    – Mariana P. (Florida)
    parent of a 15-year-old boy


  • “He is no longer sensitive to loud sounds. He is no longer a picky eater. I just can’t believe the things he’s eating or drinking. He’s willing to try new foods. He became more aware of himself, he no longer bumps into people or objects.”
    – Anna I. (Hawaii) parent of a 13-year-old boy


  • “My daughter was nearly 19 when we began Mendability. She is very high functioning, but we noticed improvements in many areas almost immediately. [She] began sleeping better; her posture and muscle tone improved; the clarity of her speech and her control improved tremendously”
    – Linda P. (Canada)
    mother of a 19-year-old


  • “Did the multisensory protocol after school. I used lemon essential oil yesterday and today. He is liking smelling the lemon oil so I went with lemons for the multisensory. I put fresh lemon juice on his lips at the end and he licked them and DID NOT gag! This is huge for my child. He has severe oral motor aversions. Day 2 is rockin already!”
    – Sadie W. (Illinois)
    Parent of a 10-year-old boy
  • “When we started doing Mendabilty, the change was almost immediate and not only was he going to sleep within 30 minutes, but he slept through the night!! He’s 7 now and every once in a while he’ll have an off night. But he is sleeping as well as any neurotypical child his age now, which means I’m sleeping again.” 
    – Carol M. (Indiana)
    parent of a 10-year-old boy

  • “If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be able to take my son to an air show, which would include large crowds of people, roaring airplanes and waiting in line for some of the events; I would have said ‘you’re crazy’. Well 3 years later, Mendability proved that hope and consistency would pay off!”
    – A.G. (California)

  • “I went to the library where we spent about 2 hours, and both of the girls were happily reading while staying in their seats. In our prior visits, the oldest one just roamed and ran around the library while I chased her. This time, I was pleasantly surprised by how long my oldest daughter (4) sat and stayed focus on reading. This has never happened before!”
    – Mary M.  (Texas)
    parent of a 4-year-old-girl

  • “There is peace and harmony in my home now! About 3 weeks ago my son talked to his sister and asked her if they could stop fighting. I can’t remember when was the last time that there was peace in my home!!!”
    – Carla G.  (California)
    parent of 10 year old boy

  • “I completely stopped a major meltdown today! He had stripped off his clothes and was in full freak-out mode, it stopped in about 15 seconds. The best part was my husband witnessed the whole thing. I keep saying, you saw that right? It works!!”
    – Sarah D. (New York)
    parent of a 4-year-old boy

  • “My major concern for [my son] was his behaviour while waiting at airports and on the plane. I want to share my joy – our trip was really fun filled, and the main reason was that there was a lot of change in [my son’s] sensory needs. Last year’s trip was miserable, his aggression was so bad that my arms were bruised due to his biting.
    [This year he] behaved so well. He was very calm in crowds, tolerated sounds and noises for sometime. He didn’t bother us at all during the flights and at the airports. This is all due to Mendability!”
    – Ayesha A. (Pakistan)
    parent of a 10 year old boy

  • “Now she will come to me and put her head on my shoulder and tell me she loves me. And she will hug people in our family without being reminded.”
    – Becca T. (Colorado)
    parent of a 5-year-old girl

  • “[My son] had many obsessive issues. The most troublesome ones slowly died off over time after we began Mendability. He does so great in public now that we can go to the grocery store and no one stares and glares. He doesn’t have to have every Christmas tree or balloon. He still enjoys them but it’s not taking over his emotional life or causing great emotional distress when he cannot buy every one he sees.”
    – Elizabeth V. (Illinois)
    parent of an 11-year-old boy

  • “My son was pretty self-injurious until we very intensively met his sensory needs and allowed him to self-modulate. Providing the sensory input that my son sought has made a HUGE difference for him. And he loves the Mendability exercises!”
    – Alice P. (North Carolina)
    Parent of a 16-year-old boy

  • “We have seen progress in our daughter, she so interested in knowing about people and she is more engaged in conversations. These exercises have been challenging but she loves them, especially Mr. Pokey. The other day when we were doing the exercises, she said “Call me Mrs. Pokey.” How cute is that???? Thank you Mendability!”
    – Karla A. (California)
    Parent of a 3-year-old-girl
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