SPA Day for the Brain

Spay Day for the Brain with Mendability

The simplest solution to relieving stress and exhaustion is having a spa day. You surround yourself with good music, nice scents, and in a less busy environment. Many of Mendability’s protocols act like a spa day for the brain.

Apple Watch Survey

Apple Watch autism

We need your feedback and we’re giving away 1 brand new Apple Watch and 50 Starbucks Gift cards. Answer the following short survey to enter for a chance to win. We’d like to give you a few days to respond, so winners will be announced on January 4th.

Webinar: Why is my child with autism unaware of dangerous situations?

Autism comes with several specific neurological differences that make learning about danger and looking right and left prior to crossing the street difficult. We will review these neurological differences and teach 4 techniques designed to compensate for the differences and stimulate brain plasticity to improve natural abilities and awareness.