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Fine Motor

Webinar: Handwriting is not in the hands – New evidence-based training

Tired of the same old approach? 

This webinar will revitalize your approach by offering fresh and evidence-based strategies to enhance handwriting instruction and unlock your students’ potential. 

You will learn unique insights into the brain functions involved in handwriting and short, clinically-validated activities you can do with your students.

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Podcast: The Happy Sensory Corner of Special Ed.

Welcome to ‘The Happy Sensory Corner in Special Ed’ – the podcast where we explore the world of sensory enrichment and environmental enrichment in special education.

We interview experienced special education directors to learn from their successes (and from some of their failures too!) in solving the challenges of teaching students with special needs.

In each episode, we also share practical strategies, sensory enrichment protocols, and evidence-based practices that address specific areas, such as behavior regulation, self-awareness, social skills, learning abstract concepts, hyperactivity, etc.

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Impact of Prenatal Stress and Postnatal Enrichment on Brain Development: Insights and Implications for Stress Management in School Children

In a groundbreaking study, researchers delved into the effects of prenatal stress, specifically noise stress, on the hippocampal region of female rat offspring. More importantly, they investigated how postnatal environmental enrichment can mitigate these effects. This research is not just a leap in neuroscience but also beams a ray of hope in understanding stress management in school children.

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