Start the day right with a natural Dopamine boost!

By now, you know that you can boost your energy and motivation levels through a simple conscious smelling activity. The tip I am about to share sounds almost to obvious to qualify as a tip, but considering the impact it has had on me and Claudie in the last month, maybe obvious doesn’t mean it is being done.


Claudie and I were doing our traditional visit to Target during one of our recent trips to visit a family who wanted Claudie to do an assessment in their home (No Targets in Canada!!!) and the Boots display caught my eye. “Lemon, Orange and Grape”, “Pomegranate and Avocado”, “Coconut and Hibiscus”, “Mango and Babassu” shower gel. I took the lot! The fragrances are divine!

Claudie uses one of them for her hourly smell routine. If you squeeze the tube a little, some air gets forced out of it. The motion helps bring more fragrance into the nose and makes the stimulation that much more effective. In fact, you may want to use this tip if your child doesn’t like to stay still for very long, which makes it difficult to have a useful olfactory session. (Remember: three deep slow inhalations).

I found some links on Amazon to order the stuff online if you don’t live close to a Boots store or a Target store:


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