How to stop a tantrum

The sense of smell can be a powerful and natural tool when handling a child’s tantrum and helping them calm down. It can also be an effective anger management tool for all ages.

All natural fragrances to use for Sensory Enrichment

More and more we see that it is better to stick as closely as possible to all natural ingredients. With Sensory Enrichment we are a little less concerned about synthetic products because there are studies that show that “enriched” brains are resilient to neurological challenges such as exposure to toxins like lead or pre-natal alcohol. Professor […]

What causes sudden changes in the quality of sleep and a few simple techniques to improve the quality of your sleep

Your child used to fall asleep at a regular time in the evening and wake up every morning at the same time. Suddenly, this changes abruptly, it becomes difficult to settle him to sleep, and, when he or she is finally asleep, this child seems restless, turns in his or her bed, and wakes up […]

Start the day right with a natural Dopamine boost!

By now, you know that you can boost your energy and motivation levels through a simple conscious smelling activity. The tip I am about to share sounds almost to obvious to qualify as a tip, but considering the impact it has had on me and Claudie in the last month, maybe obvious doesn’t mean it […]