Sensory Enrichment protocol: multisensory memory exercise / game

Studies also showed that without memorization of the sensory information, there is no learning possible and recognition of one’s environment is almost impossible as it can’t be related to past experience.

Relaxation Technique: nature slideshow with beautiful music and mountains.

Multisensory therapy is all about doing short, gentle sensory exercises that help the brain. It’s not about repeating things over and over for hours, hoping that somehow the skill will be acquired. It’s about boosting the parts of the brain that can learn the skill naturally. In this case, the slideshow is designed for children […]

While you are looking for treatment options for Parkinson’s

Whether you have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, or so long as you are not yet treated with a form of Dopamine, there are Sensory Enrichment Therapy exercises that you can do that will help. We are going to give you two simple exercises to do every day, a quick one to do several times throughout […]

Soothing Slideshow – Rays of Light

You have heard this from us many times, one of the most effective relaxation techniques for your mind is to listen to soft music while watching something beautiful. My wife commented to me today how convenient she found these slideshows that I have been producing and so it made me want to do another one. […]

Art Slideshow – Horses

We created this slideshow to help parents who have kids who love horses. Slideshows are a good way to do a pleasurable visual activity as part of Sensory Enrichment Therapy. We recommend pairing this slideshow with a pleasurable and relaxing tactile or olfactory activity. When you watch this, take a minute to go find something […]

Art Slideshow – People

One of my exercises since last week is Art + Music 4 times a day. I created this slideshow for myself and for my son xavier who is doing some of the same exercises as I am at the moment. I did it with iPhoto. I am sharing it with all of you parents who […]

Start the day right with a natural Dopamine boost!

By now, you know that you can boost your energy and motivation levels through a simple conscious smelling activity. The tip I am about to share sounds almost to obvious to qualify as a tip, but considering the impact it has had on me and Claudie in the last month, maybe obvious doesn’t mean it […]