webinar - words said words felt
Autism Therapy

Webinar: Words said, words felt

8 early stages of natural speech for children, including autism: Eye contact, Spitting, Mouthing, Biting, Vocalizing, Imitating sounds, Mama, First word.

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From 2 words, to full sentences

There are 8 early stages of speech development in children: Eye contact, Spitting, Mouthing, Biting, Vocalizing, Imitating your sounds, Mama, dada, First word. All children, including those with autism, need to work through each of these milestones to develop natural speech.

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Topic Suggestions

We have just finished the first stages of our rebranding and there is more to come.  There will be a webinar on “Baby’s first words:

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Claudie Gordon-Pomares Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Interview with the founder of Sensory Enrichment Therapy

My first conversation with Claudie was the most incredible conversation I have ever had in my life; it gave me hope for a better future for myself and for the world. It shed a light onto the dark times we are currently going through with the global pandemic.

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webinar - learn to read with my toes

Webinar: I learn to read with my toes

In this Webinar, our program director discusses ways of helping a low functioning brain to develop the tools they need to associate shapes of letters with sounds and meanings, etc.

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