“Nice peaceful sleeping, and not just a few minutes!”

“Yeah, just off these small things, there was a massive difference, just of the first night”

This is the whole story…

A few weeks ago we did a webinar on sleep with recommendations based our program of Sensory Enrichment Therapy. That webinar generated many questions and so we decided to pick one parent to conduct a follow-up interview to answer all the questions and clarify the advice given in the webinar.

The parent agreed to share the full uncut consultation video with our advise and personalized enrichment activities to work on her son’s sleep.

A few days later, she emailed to share that it was working, that her son had been sleeping through the night.

We called her back and asked if we could share the video with everyone, because her story is not unique. 

Sleep is one of the top 5 areas where parents report the most progress with Sensory Enrichment Therapy. 

Most of our clients, when sleep is an issue for them, report improvement very quickly.

But the story continues…

In that one week, her son also improved in his eye contact, his speech and his social interactions with the family.

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