Tactile defensiveness: how to do sensory enriched touch?
Sensory Processing

Tactile defensiveness: how to do sensory enriched touch

In this article we will review strategies that help individuals with tactile defensiveness, as well as other sensory processing issues related to touch, so that they can also implement touch exercises, and reap the benefits of an increase in brain plasticity.

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Sensory Enrichment Therapy Review - PDD NOS

“Huge strides in his development”

Before the Mendability program, John, diagnosed with PDD-NOS, struggled with his handwriting, aggressive outbursts, and lack of attention. Today, John has the typical handwriting of a sixth grader, can self-regulate, and will sit patiently through his school lessons.

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ADHD symptoms – updated checklist

Have you noticed the following ADHD symptoms in your child? If they persist for at least six months to a degree that is disruptive to your life, you may be dealing with attention deficit disorder (ADD, ADHD).

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Sensory Enrichment

How to do Mendability and still have time for everything else

Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ is designed to enhance everything you are already doing. This article has been designed to help you realize how you can reach your goals and still have time for everything else that matters. Continue reading for 6 recommendations that will help you maximize the time your spend with your child.

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