2x free webinars about food sensitivities and mood around mealtime

Join us for 2x one-hour presentations from Mendability’s program director: Claudie Pomares. 

Survey: Food preferences for picky eaters.

See how your picky eater compares to others in what foods they prefer.

Webinar #1

Imagine a mealtime without chicken fingers!

You might be one of the parents who’s tired of looking at chicken fingers for every meal. 

During this webinar, we will be discussing the sensory factors that go into picky eating as well as some sensory enrichment activities.

There are 4 factors that you need to acknowledge about food when you have a picky eater in the house:

  • Texture
  • Smell
  • Color
  • Temperature

The exercises that we introduce have enabled many Mendability families to introduce diversity to their child’s diet.

Webinar #2

Enjoying mealtime as a family

Mealtime is a long stressful process for many parents. Sensory issues are very strong components of picky eating but there is another aspect that we need to consider and that’s mood. Yours and your child’s mood.

During this webinar, we go over strategies you can implement to make mealtimes something to look forward to.

These strategies have helped Mendability parents to enjoy meals as a family!

An example

This boy is 14 years old. He started doing Mendability, an implementation of Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and this video was taken 2 months later.

He was never able to eat any solids.

One of the benefits of Sensory Enrichment therapy is that an improvement in the processing of sensory inputs. Textures are no longer a problem when eating. Background noise can be filtered out. Clothes can be worn without discomfort. Crowded places can be attended normally. Engine noises are no longer a problem. Certain pitches, colours can be tolerated easily, etc.

For $49/month you can do sensory enrichment at home with your child, with bi-weekly check-up appointments with specialists.

Mendability is a new, low-cost, clinically proven therapy for autism.

In randomized control trials, children who added Sensory Enrichment therapy to their existing programs were 6X more likely to improve by 5 points or more on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale.

Instead of working on specific symptoms directly, Mendability takes a step back. By inducing an enhanced state of plasticity in the brain, we enable the brain to treat itself.

As a result, it accelerates all other forms of therapy.

Food preference survey for picky eaters

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