This one is for horse lovers.

When you watch this, take a minute to go find something that smells really nice.

It can be anything you like:

  • Soap,
  • Shampoo,
  • Freshly made bread (my personal favourite today… Rachel just made some bread… Yum!!),
  • Herbs from your spice collection,
  • Strawberry jam,
  • A flower in the neighbour’s yard,
  • A new book,or even…
  • an essential oil. ;-)

You can use anything so long as you love it.

Now that you have the smell ready, if you want to do even better, get a back scratcher or ask someone to give you a nice back tickle.

Now, you can start the slideshow.

If you want a longer one. I am making one right now. You will see the link to it in the “related posts” section below this.