Press release: Mendability, a breakthrough, clinically tested autism therapy, launches new and affordable autism option

University of California Irvine Study Demonstrates Children With Autism Show Marked Improvement Using Mendability for Autism, a Low Cost Sensory Enrichment Therapy That Can Be Done at Home


Mendability today announced that they have launched their new and signature product, Mendability for Autism. This is an innovative, clinically tested autism therapy that provides affordable options for children with autism.

Mendability for Autism was the basis for a research program and clinical trial at University of California, Irvine (UCI). Mendability for Autism uses a modality known as Sensory Enrichment Therapy. Researchers at UCI documented marked improvement in children with autism ages 3 to 12 who engaged in sensory enrichment therapy. Study results are published online in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a carefully constructed protocol of sensory exercises at home. Sensory Enrichment activities can include placing hands in bowls of water with different temperatures, walking on surfaces with different textures, and other such simple activities that can be done at home using household items. There are no medications involved, and it is fully complementary with standard autism care.

Mendability co-founder, Eyal Aronoff, is also a co-founder of Quest Software (now a Dell company) and Fuel Freedom Foundation. He found Sensory Enrichment Therapy to work on his daughter, and it helped her overcome her autism. Today she functions as a normal, healthy teenager. Eyal put research efforts behind the therapy to make it available to other families. Now Mendability for Autism will assist families in overcoming the symptoms and challenges of autism.

“Mendability is providing a practical, low-cost and effective solution to one of the nation’s biggest problems, autism. This revolutionary new therapy uses Sensory Enrichment to activate innate brain plasticity, easing the symptoms of autism,” said Eyal Aronoff. “We simplified a complicated protocol of prescribed sensory stimulations down to a set of games that could be practiced at home for a few minutes, two or three times a day. Since there is no medication involved, there is very little risk.”

Mendability is based on clinically proven results. “Following six months of therapy, 69 percent of parents in the enrichment group reported improvement in their child’s overall autism symptoms. They also improved their scores on autism spectrum tests, and on intellectual function tests,” said Michael Leon, the professor at University of California, Irvine, who administered the clinical trial.

Rebecca Terry, a mother from Colorado, is among the parents who administered the Mendability program to her child.

“Mendability changed the dynamic in my family. Before Mendability, I was a frustrated mother, struggling to take my child Riley to public places due to behavior issues. Riley was often angry, was over-sensitive to touching and had problems sleeping, as well as learning difficulties,” said Ms. Terry. “Once I began Mendability, I began to see these conditions soften. Now I have a child who hugs me, tells me how much she loves me, and she knows what it means. Some say it’s a miracle, but I call it Mendability.”

Mendability is bringing Sensory Enrichment into your home starting at $59 per month. Please visit to learn more about Sensory Enrichment Therapy and what it can do for your child.

About Mendability
Mendability is the original provider of Sensory Enrichment Therapy for autism. Sensory Enrichment Therapy is an evidence-based, clinically-validated therapy to promote brain plasticity and make living with autism simpler and more comfortable. Mendability is a low-cost, structured program that parents can administer at home without the use of medications. For more information, please visit or call 1 (888) 579-7002.

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