Environmental Enrichment may help treat autism, as provided by Mendability

Scientific American™ reviews the pilot study of Sensory Enrichment Therapy that activates the mechanisms of brain plasticity to treat autism.

Sensory Enrichment Exercise: Roll playdough snakes

Like most of our exercises involving fine motor finger skills, this is actually a speech development exercise. Providing efficient and reliable connections for fine motor control is an essential step which we take by prompting organized migration from a very populated brain area to its less efficient neighbor.

Press Release: Mendability, a Breakthrough Clinically Tested Autism Therapy, Launches New and Affordable Autism Treatment

University of California Irvine Study Demonstrates Children With Autism Show Marked Improvement Using Mendability for Autism, a Low Cost Sensory Enrichment Therapy That Can Be Done at Home.

Nestlé International Reports on Sensory Enrichment in Daycares

Back when we were still in France, Nestlé sponsored a study of the impact of Sensory Enrichment on children in Daycare Centres. Before Sensory Enrichment was a therapy for neurological disorders it was a method of enriching the environment to help typical children develop a healthy and strong brain.   GENERALISATION Sensory enrichment effectively started […]