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One of my exercises since last week is Art + Music 4 times a day. I created this slideshow for myself and for my son xavier who is doing some of the same exercises as I am at the moment.

I did it with iPhoto. I am sharing it with all of you parents who need to do Art + Music too.

Remember that watching something beautiful boosts your brain’s dopamine and Serotonin levels.

Click on the full screen icon for a better, more immersive experience.

Tell me if you like it, I can upload several more. I have a “water” theme, a “blue” theme, a “busy” theme, an “emotion” theme, a “landscape” theme. Suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Art Slideshow – People”

  1. Great idea! I have been getting some stunning nature shots from ‘Wildforwildlife’ perhaps they may be stimulating also… Nature at its best is very overwhelming and humbling all at the same time!


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