Doctor says: Wow!

Becca shares her experience with Mendability’s Sensory Enrichment Therapy for her daughter with autism

Riley was diagnosed with autism at age four. Riley is seven now and has been doing Sensory Enrichment Therapy for about a year. Before Mendability, her tantrums developed into what mom calls “psychotic episodes.” She was pretty much miserable all the time.

One night, mom was searching for solutions on the internet when she came across Mendability. The therapy looked like it was going to work well for Riley. In about a month, she saw a noticeable change.

A year later, the doctor made a comment: “Wow! What have you been doing with her?” Mom was “joy-stricken,” she says.The other way Becca knew Mendability was working was that Riley enjoyed doing the therapy and would ask for her exercises. Riley knows exactly what she needs now. Becca explains that “in a way it programs them to seek what they need.”

The easiest thing for Becca was also the thing she thought would be the most difficult, namely becoming the therapist in her home. Mendability has a great team. You can always call, or they contact you. Becca shares that “they are absolutely amazing! It’s as if you have a family member in your back pocket.”

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