Cherries contain melatonin and are a natural sleep helper

In addition to the phytonutrients in cherries, they also contain a naturally occurring amount of melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep-regulating hormone that is produced in the brain’s pineal gland.

All natural fragrances to use for Sensory Enrichment

More and more we see that it is better to stick as closely as possible to all natural ingredients. With Sensory Enrichment we are a little less concerned about synthetic products because there are studies that show that “enriched” brains are resilient to neurological challenges such as exposure to toxins like lead or pre-natal alcohol. Professor […]

Calmer by Nature DVD

Barry Wheelock, the owner of a company in the UK who produces Nature DVD’s, contacted me recently to introduce me to one of his products. The DVD is simply an hour of nature scenes taken, it would seem, in England. It looks like they put the camera on a tripod in a beautiful location, turned […]