Calmer by Nature DVD

Barry Wheelock, the owner of a company in the UK who produces Nature DVD’s, contacted me recently to introduce me to one of his products.

The DVD is simply an hour of nature scenes taken, it would seem, in England. It looks like they put the camera on a tripod in a beautiful location, turned it on and left the site to not interfere with what would occur naturally there.

Here is what Barry explains:

If you can’t get your child outside among nature as often as you’d like, try bringing nature to them with our DVD. You’ll be surprised at the positive and therapeutic effects. By simply observing nature, individuals cultivate a positive attitude, renewed attention, mindfulness, and sensory awareness.

I can see it being used to help someone relax, just by playing the audio in the background, or part of an afternoon routine around nap time or just after school, while doing a gentle claw and smell routine.

I say: What could be better than being exposed to God’s art?

The DVD costs $26 including shipping from the UK. I recommend it wholeheartedly.



You can order it directly here:

The discs work in both PAL and NTSC format. If you don’t understand what I just wrote, don’t worry, it’s technical jargon to say that the disc will work anywhere.

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