Sensory Enrichment Protocol: Memory of Sound and Touch

These new tools will improve the child’s learning abilities, and their capacity to store information in more than one area. This exercise will also help the development of auditory processing and selectivity which are deficiencies in children with autism.

Sensory Enrichment Protocol: Multisensory Memory Exercise / Game

Studies also showed that without memorization of the sensory information, there is no learning possible and recognition of one’s environment is almost impossible as it can’t be related to past experience.

The cerebellum coordinates eye and hand tracking movements

It is a rare treat to find a great article available online, so, I just have to share it with all of you. In this article and the abundant reference material you will find why exercises such as “memory of weight and colour”, or “maze in front of mirror” which we prescribe in our treatments […]

Anxiety checklist: How do I know if my child has an anxiety problem?

The following check list can help you observe your child and recognize anxiety. If you recognize with certainty at least five of those traits, you need to help your child: