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Natural oxygen therapy for autism: physical exercise

One of the most essential elements for a healthy brain is easily available and poorly managed by the child with autism: Oxygen. Oxygen is one of the most important elements of brain growth and healing. If for any reason a person has difficulty breathing for a period of time, their oxygen level is measured and doctors will ensure

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Strategies to Handle Anxiety with Your Child During the Summer - Mendability - Environmental Enrichment - Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Strategies to handle your child’s anxiety during the summer

Some parents see an increase in their child’s anxiety during the summer. It can be exhausting for parents to convince their child that everyday tasks are not the enemy. Studies show that nearly 40% of children and adolescents with autism have clinically elevated levels of anxiety, or at least one anxiety disorder (1). It is no

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Aerobic exercise and brain repair

Aerobic exercise is crucial for good health. It strengthens the immune system, and, most importantly for children with special needs, it helps the brain grow and repair. When you look at your child, you may describe them as “busy”, “hyperactive”, “highly strung” and “doesn’t sit still”. And so you might say to yourself, “Well, at

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