Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Course for Parents

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This course is to obtain general knowledge about Sensory Enrichment Therapy. The information is presented with a parent in mind to help increase confidence and understanding while engaging in the therapy but is also available to others interested in the information but not qualified to take the professional or assistant course. This course does not qualify the individual to support others in the therapy, collect payment for any service, or be certified in any other way, but is only informational.

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2 thoughts on “Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Course for Parents”

  1. Hello, where can I download the tests and the worksheets to start the treatment? I can’t find it and I need it. thank you so much.🤔

    • Hello Denysse, the expert system is accessed through our self-guided plan. With the expert system, you can manage a custom program for your family.

      You should know that you don’t need the expert system to stimulate your brain and induce an elevated state of plasticity. The course is designed to teach you all you need to know. You can use the protocols like the Multisensory Core Protocol, the Water Game, etc to help.

      The expert system is good and can take you to the next level, but you can do a lot of good work with the principles taught in the course.


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