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Our 6-week Sensory Enrichment Sleep Program leverages the power of sensory enrichment to facilitate significant brain development and rewiring across key functions involved in the best, deepest sleep, such as hormonal balance, pain management, muscle relaxation, digestion, and sensory processing.

In this program you will be given 3-4 short, fun, hands-on activities to do every day, some twice, some only once, some every couple of hours. Each protocol takes less than a minute to complete. We will guide you on how to do them well with live group coaching session.

Over the 6-week period, the program will evolve to support the brain as it gradually rewires the brain functions involved.

In the end, if you do the program and your person doesn’t finally have the deepest, most restful sleep of their lives, we will refund all your money.

Program Structure:

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Content: Daily sensory enrichment protocols that evolve over time
  • Support: Weekly live coaching sessions to help implement the protocols effectively
  • Personalized Feedback: Submit videos of your therapy sessions to receive detailed feedback and customized protocol adjustments from Claudie, the creator of Sensory Enrichment Therapy
  • Guarantee: Full money-back guarantee if there is no noticeable improvement in sleep quality after the program, providing an assurance of effectiveness and commitment to results.
  • Price: $734
  • Discounted option available: No guarantee and no Personalized Feedback for $367

Who Should Enroll: This program is ideal for caregivers looking to support family members who struggle with sleep issues, specifically those who:

  • Can’t fall asleep
  • Wake up multiple times during the night
  • Wake up feeling as though they have not slept

Disclaimer: Please note that this program is designed to complement, not replace, medical treatment and is not FDA-approved for the treatment of sleep conditions. Participants with serious sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are advised to consult healthcare professionals.

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