Sensory Enrichment Therapy has helped many autistic persons overcome the sensory issues that prevented them from eating a variety of foods.

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Autism Fussy Eaters: How to Help Them Overcome Their Sensory Problems

5 protocols we recommend to help your fussy eater open up to a larger selection of foods. Sensory Enrichment Therapy have helped many autistic persons overcome the sensory issues that prevented them from being able to enjoy a variety of foods.

Temple Grandin discusses issues with autism and sensory processing disorder

Topics covered include: sensory overload, her favorite music, job interviews, how do I tell my child that he has autism, deep pressure, trying new foods, etc.

Until sensory processing disorder is treated, one simple trick to help your child with autism eat using color

Some recent research may help us find ways to use our kids’ sensory processing difficulties to our advantage and help them eat a wider variety of foods. Children with autism and Asperger’s may often refuse food because of a concern with any or all of the following sensory inputs: Temperature (e.g. only tolerate lukewarm), Texture (e.g. refuse any crunchy […]

Is your child irritable around lunch time?

In 2008, The parenting OC magazine asked us to submit a 350-word article for their readers for the “Ask the Expert” section. Question: My son seems to have a tough time shortly after lunch. He is 4 years old and past needing a nap, but should I consider going back to nap-time after lunch anyway? […]

It’s official! Environmental Enrichment (a.k.a. Mendability) is now validated as an effective treatment of autism

WASHINGTON — In the first successful experiment with humans using a treatment known as sensory-motor or environmental enrichment, researchers documented marked improvement in young autistic boys when compared to boys treated with traditional behavioral therapies, according to research published by APA. — Mendability is Environmental Enrichment applied as a therapy.

Nestlé International Reports on Sensory Enrichment in Daycares

Back when we were still in France, Nestlé sponsored a study of the impact of Sensory Enrichment on children in Daycare Centres. Before Sensory Enrichment was a therapy for neurological disorders it was a method of enriching the environment to help typical children develop a healthy and strong brain.   GENERALISATION Sensory enrichment effectively started […]