Asperger’s – Ruth’s Journey of Hope!

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Asperger’s: Ruth’s Journey of Hope

Ruth shares her recovery story, having started therapy as an adult.

Meet Ruth and her mom, Linda. Ruth is 21 years old. She started Mendability 13 months ago. Hoping to inspire other teenagers and young adults who may be struggling with Autism or Asperger syndrome, Ruth and Linda thoughtfully worked together to write and film their story of hope.

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- On Screen -

Meet Ruth and her mom, Linda.

Ruth is now 21. She started Mendability 13 months ago.

Ruth wanted to be an inspiration for other teenagers and young adults who are struggling. She sent us this video.

- Ruth -

In 2009 I started composing music under my pen name “Charlotte Peggy Swan”. In around 2011 or ’12, I started writing this piece for my niece Lyla. It is called “Lyla’s Song”.

- Linda -

Ruth has always shown a talent in music, but her progress was sketchy. She did playing and theory exams, but never scored more than 75%. Now she is creating music, not just single notes. Her last exams were 84% in playing and 93 in theory. Her compositions are different. When we first started out, she never notated anything, and the music wasn’t very happy. Now she has lovely music and is getting it noted.

Ruth has a future now. She can finish her education and is free to choose what her life’s work will be. She never had that freedom before Mendability. We tried Brain Gym, we tried diet, we tried patterning, we did OT and PT and Sensory Integration therapy. None of them had the dramatic and permanent effect that Mendability has.

I remember when I realized that all the diagnoses we got for Ruth were inaccurate, or at least incomplete. She and I took a train trip from Buffalo New York to Kingman Arizona. It was a trip that I had taken years before she was born with her siblings. Well, the trip was just short of a disaster. She was so stressed by the time we got there, that one of my sisters, who worked as a liason between the State government and kids on the spectrum suggested that Ruth was autistic. We had considered that over the years, but never got any support from the professionals that we saw. A speech pathologist had said she was dyspraxic when she was quite young. Around the age of 8 we got a diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder and at 11 she was called non-verbal learning disabled. We finally saw the last doc who gave us a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. So now Ruth had a diagnosis that would qualify her for a disability pension, which was a great safety net. But it really… We didn’t want her consigned to a shadow life, so I continued reading everything I could find.

One day, an ad for Mendability popped up on my facebook. Now like most parents of kids with special needs, I was pretty skeptical. I did a lot of research, and I remember e-mailing Dr. Leon about his research and asking him about the “Canadian Group” he referred to in a video I had watched. He referred us to Mendability, and the rest, as they say, is history.

- On Screen -

Prof. Michael Leon conducted clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of Sensory Enrichment therapy on Autism.

- Ruth -

We used to live in a three-story town house. The bedrooms were on the third floor. I hated going to bed. I was convinced that people would climb on the outside wall and break into my window, tear off the screen, go into my bedroom and kill me in bed, or at least kidnap me and torture me, which is ridiculous!

I used to always have to have a support worker with me for doing things like shopping, going out to the movies, going out for fun, even staying at home.

- Linda -

We used to worry about you.

- Ruth -


- Linda -

All the time! And now there are so many things that my husband and I don’t worry about for Ruth. She went, after about 7 months on the program, she went away for a week to karate camp this summer. We didn’t worry about what might happen to hurt her, or someone else, or what would happen to embarrass her.

She cooks meals now, and I don’t have to worry about kitchen fires. She takes responsibility for herself. She dresses faster. She sleeps better. She, her eating and digestion are better. Her coordination affected her speech. And now, she notices at church when people aren’t there to do the readings, and volunteers. She has sometimes volunteered with very little notice; in fact one time the opening hymn was being announced and she stepped up to do the job. Our church seats about a thousand. She handles it like a pro.

- On Screen -

Next year, Ruth is going to college…

but there is one improvement that she cherishes ever more:

- Ruth -

I love children and babies. I’ve always loved them, but I couldn’t even take care of myself, and certainly couldn’t even take care of other people’s children, like my neices and nephews. I couldn’t even hold my baby neices and nephews without them getting stressed out and fussy.

We were doing Mendability for about three months when I could actually hold a baby for the very first time without him getting fussy or stressed out. I was so overjoyed I almost cried.

- Linda -

Do you remember? You held him until your arms got tired. She held him for about 20 minutes, and that has never happened

- Ruth -


About Sensory Enrichment Therapy

animated neuron growth

animated neuron growth
Brain Plasticity - studies have shown that the brain has the ability to change and develop
Sensory Enrichment therapy includes specific protocols proven to enhance Brain Plasticity
MendAbility is an easily accessible Sensory Enrichment therapy tool you can do at home
The results are:
A child who initiates more natural conversations
A child who is more comfortable in his own skin and the world around him
A child who can learn more confidently
More calm, more focus, more engagement
Deeper, less interrupted sleep
More interest in varied foods
Easier to cope with change and to transition

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