Self regulation, Attention span, Hyperactivity, Motivation, Feeling anxious, Learning,

are functions in the brain, helped by hormones like

Serotonin and dopamine

What if there was a clinically-validated way to boost these skills in your students in about 1 minute?

There is a reason medication works,

but what if you could get the same benefits without the side effects?

We call it the

Mendability Minute

In about a minute you can set the tone at the beginning of your day, in the brain, for better behavior and learning.

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No special equipment

The program was designed with typical household items, like spoons, books, pillows.

What’s more, Mendability provides all the materials for the Mendability minute.

It’s very quick to do

Sample Mendability Game

The brain processes stimuli in less than a second. None of our activities need to take any longer than that, especially with the Mendability minute.

They all love it

Mendability Game Finger Gym - Daniel J

It’s not just the students. The teachers, the aides, they all love it.

“Can I smell that stuff?”

“My students are asking for our Sensory sessions when I forget”

“If our school continues with this program, then I will stay.”

Short, simple hands-on activities

That’s all the Mendability Minute takes to activate the Serotonin and dopamine functions in the brain and help it improve the way it regulates its own chemistry.

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