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Sensory Enrichment Therapy for Special Education

With Mendability, you can mainstream more special needs students within budget

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is an evidence-based program to: 

  • Stimulate brain plasticity

  • Boost learning abilities

  • Increase attention

Sensory Enrichment Therapy comes from the neuroscience field of environmental enrichment, which studies the impact of new and varied experiences on brain development and brain function.

Over the years, the program was developed to help induce an elevated state of plasticity in the brain, increase connectivity between brain functions, etc. The results of the studies and clinical trials led to the creation of Mendability.

Mendability’s proprietary and evidence-based treatment modality has been shown in clinical trials to greatly improve the learning abilities of children with developmental disorders.

animated neuron growth
Creation of new nerve cells and Increase in connectivity as a result of environmental enrichment

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Bringing Sensory Enrichment to schools

The program

Sensory enrichment consists in simple, hands-on activities that you can do one-on-one with the students or in groups. A typical session takes 5 to 10 minutes and the exercises typically change every 2 to 3 weeks based on results.

The program requires little to no training, no special equipment, and can be started right away. 

Schools may also give families access to the program from home.

The setup

Mendability acts as a multiplier for the programs you are already doing.

After onboarding sessions, the special educators can use our application on any internet-enabled device to get the instructions, materials list and objectives for the activities.

Mendability Game Finger Gym - Daniel J

Typical enrichment session

  • Daily sessions
  • Short hands-on activities (1-2 minutes)
  • Up to 5 activities per session
  • One-on-one or in groups

We know that special educators are under continual pressure to do more with less

Evidence-based & Clinically validated

In randomized control trials, children who added Sensory enrichment to their existing programs for 6 months were 6X more likely to improve by 5 points or more on CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Scale).

Additionally, 21% of the children in the enrichment group of the clinical trials fell below the autism cut-off on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) after 6 months, compared to none in the group who did standard care alone.

More clinical data here

In randomized controlled trials, 42% of children with autism had a clinically significant improvement with Sensory Enrichment Therapy, compared to 7% in the group who only had standard care
  1. Percent of children who improved by 5 points or more on Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) after 6 months

  2. Percent of children who fell below the autism cut-off on Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) after 6 months

Pilot programs

Grand Prairie Independent School District

On November 30th, 2020 Mendability launched a program at the Grand Prairie independent school district in Texas.

The program contains an implementation of an enriched environment for special needs children in a group setting.

Mendability developed a sensory enrichment program specially for brain development which will help with learning disabilities.

Currently there are 200 students participating in the program.

Would you like to set up your own pilot program?

We recommend that you set up a quick 20-minute call to discuss details.

To whom it may concern,

When working in the schools, we often address sensory needs with strategies for students to address specific issues or difficulties using an adaptive approach. When discussing options with our special education department on how to improve our provision of services to students with sensory needs, I remembered hearing a clip of Dr. Temple Grandin discuss some of the latest research on sensory enrichment. While searching for that information, I stumbled on to Mendability’s website. I realized Dr. Grandin was discussing their research. 

I read all the research they had and any additional information I could find amongst peers. 

When considering the benefits that the research showed Mendability’s protocols provide, I knew this had the potential to be life changing for our students. And that is our goal in all we do for our students- to provide them with every opportunity to build a solid foundation for promoting the best outcomes. I took the training offered by Mendability to learn more about it. 

We reached out to Mendability to see how we might make this work in our classrooms for our students. We knew it would be a journey of discovery and growth as it hasn’t been done in the schools before. But with Mendability’s help and flexibility and responsiveness to adapting to our needs, it has been worth it to strive for helping our students in every way we can. 

We look forward to seeing all the ways our students will grow.

Marcie Campbell OTD, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Grand Prairie Independent School District

In this day and age where children spend most of their time at school and with their teacher rather than in a family/home environment, we hope to enable students to learn better and faster by exposing them to an enriched environment.

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