Bringing an enriched environment to schools

In this day and age where children spend most of their time at school and with their teacher rather than in a family/home environment, we hope to enable kids to learn better and faster by exposing them to an enriched environment.

Grand Prairie Independent School District

On November 30th, 2020 Mendability launched a program at the Grand Prairie independent school district in Texas.

The program contains an implementation of an enriched environment for special needs children in a group setting.

Mendability developed a sensory enrichment program specially for brain development which will help with learning disabilities.

Currently there are 200 students participating in the program.

Based on our clinical data, stimulating brain plasticity by enriching the environment can affect more than just autism. We believe it can help with educational issues like reading, math or even attention span. By initiating this program, we hope to increase the quality of education for children participating, as well as helping them reach their academic potential.

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