Facebook group terms and conditions of use

Terms and Conditions

The SET Professional’s Group is a Secret Group, which means that nobody can see or find this group unless invited by the Administrator in charge of this group.

Participation in this Group requires all participants to maintain HIPAA Guidelines. This means that no personal health information of clients, family, or friends will be revealed on this page. This includes videos, pictures, personal health information, personal identifiers or documents.

This group is monitored. It has been created to benefit all of the professionals who are carrying out Sensory Enrichment Therapy. There will be no tolerance for any inappropriate or offensive comments or posts. Mendability runs and monitors this group and reserves the right to remove comments or any participants from the group for any reason.

Participation in this group is considered a “Public Area” as defined in the Terms and Conditions of the Sensory Enrichment Therapy certification, and/or the Mendability website, and/or the Mendability Professional Account, and as such must adhere to the terms of those agreements. By accessing or participating in this group, you agree to be bound by said terms and conditions.

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