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Watch our 1-hour webinar (with downloadable PDF) and learn fun, hands-on activities you can do with your child to stimulate brain functions involved in handwriting

A new approach based on brain development and environmental enrichment

Tired of the same old approach?

This webinar will revitalize your approach by offering fresh and evidence-based strategies to enhance handwriting instruction and unlock your students’ potential.

You will learn unique insights into the brain functions involved in handwriting and short, clinically validated activities you can do with your students to stimulate the brain functions involved in writing.

Emmanuel College

Part 1: The Brain Behind the Pen

A Deep Dive

• Gain insights into the essential brain functions involved in handwriting.

Have you considered the fascinating connection between neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin to handwriting proficiency?

• Understand the developmental milestones and roadblocks of handwriting.

Maybe your student is still just a 2-year-old in some areas of development.

Part 2: Do's and Don'ts for Special Needs

Rethinking Old Teaching Strategies:

• Avoid common pitfalls: How much pressure is ideal?

Stop wasting time on practices that may inadvertently hinder progress.

Handwriting is not in the hands - Non Verbal

Part 3: 30-Day Sensory Enrichment Program

Fun, short and cost-effective activities that stimulate the brain

• Serotonin and Dopamine regulation
• Vizualization
• Finger differentiation and strength
• Cross-brain flow
• Sensory processing

Mendability Game: Find the Marble in Corn and Ice

“I have always enjoyed these online workshops and learn many helpful tips. Please keep me on the notification list for future workshops.

This webinar is ideal for:

• Educators and paraprofessionals supporting students with handwriting challenges • Occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists working with children • Parents with children who struggle with holding a pen