New Autism Treatment Clinical Trial is Given Prestigious Award

“New hope may be available for children with autism. A study published in the reputable journal Behavioral Neuroscience found that autistic behavior in children ages 3-12 years old who received environmental sensory experiences found marked improvement in their behavior.”

–Dr. Meg Meeker

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About Sensory Enrichment Therapy

animated neuron growth

Brain Plasticity – studies have shown that the brain has the ability to change and develop
Sensory Enrichment therapy includes specific protocols proven to enhance Brain Plasticity
MendAbility is an easily accessible Sensory Enrichment therapy tool you can do at home
The results are:
A child who initiates more natural conversations
A child who is more comfortable in his own skin and the world around him
A child who can learn more confidently
More calm, more focus, more engagement
Deeper, less interrupted sleep
More interest in varied foods
Easier to cope with change and to transition

Autism Progress Graph