Interview with Kim

Empowering parents. Sensory Enrichment’s biggest benefits. Running Mendability with so many family members. The future of Mendability.

Interview with Claudie

VIDEO: How Claudie Gordon-Pomares got started with Sensory Enrichment Therapy. How Sensory Enrichment helps autism symptoms.

Mendability TV commercial – developmental delays

Mendability is seeing great results in children with developmental delay. Mendability is the creator and tele-health provider of Sensory Enrichment Therapy™

Temple Grandin discusses issues with autism and sensory processing disorder

Topics covered include: sensory overload, her favorite music, job interviews, how do I tell my child that he has autism, deep pressure, trying new foods, etc.

News story on NBC’s KSL-TV

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is an evidence-based, patent-pending treatment that uses sensory experiences to enable the brain to reduce the symptoms of autism. The treatment involves sensorimotor exercises that stimulate concurrently two or more senses such as olfactory, tactile, visual, balance, motor systems, etc.