Webinar: I learn to read with my toes

Close your eyes and try to picture a bicycle. 

Can you see where it is? 

What color is it? 

Did you know that not everyone is able to see the bicycle?

In this Webinar, our program director discusses ways of helping a low functioning brain to develop the tools they need to associate shapes of letters with sounds and meanings, etc.

When teaching someone how to read, there is an assumption that their brain will automatically connect the shapes with sounds, however, this doesn’t apply to all brains. Some brains need to be taken a step back and to be given the tools on how to function when seeing letters.

Reading is abstract and in this webinar, Claudie is going to explain how with sensory enrichment we can teach the brain how to read.

“activate brain function, activate multisensory reading”

Things you’ll learn

What learning really is

Understanding learning and retrieval processes in the brain. 

Any learning builds, confirms our relationship to the environment, who and what we are, what we can do to achieve the ultimate goal which is protect, nurture ourselves.

I like being with you
* I like being with you

Multisensory Alphabet

Anchoring letters in the brain with logical sensory information. 

For example, smelling puts us in a good mood and activates the brain’s memory centers. Or, for each learning, there is a physiological change of the brain, facilitated by Serotonin the main growth factor in the brain.

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