Developmental Disabilities and Autism in California by the Numbers

Autism cases in California are on the rise. The need for autism treatments and autism therapies for California is more and more evident.

The California Department of Developmental Service (DVS) autism cases have skyrocketed from 3,262 in 1989 to over 80,000 today (only cases deemed severe, not counting any cases that are mild according to their system).

About 1 of 70 kids in California at the school age of 8 is autistic (1 of 45 kids ages 3 to 21 across the US according to November 13, 2015).

Most of the diagnostics are under the age of 13, with only a small amount over the age of 31 with the school districts statewide reporting of around 80,000 children with autism, including high functioning forms.

Los Angeles29,149Solano696Yuba112
San Diego6,436Monterey653Glenn111
Orange5,316San Francisco581Tuolumne98
Sacramento3,405San Luis538Siskiyou90
Riverside3,348Shasta516Del Norte75
Santa Clara3,333Imperial465Calaveras73
San Bernardino3,323Merced423San Benito71
Contra Costa2,189Yolo339Lassen37
Kern1,988Santa Cruz296Colusa30
San Joaquin1,741El Dorado257Plumas23
San Mateo799Mendocino176Modoc13
Santa Barbara787Sutter161Sierra3

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Autism in California by counties

Developmental Disabilities by genders in California

CountyLos AngelesSan DiegoOrangeSan BernardinoRiversideSacramentoAlamedaSanta ClaraFresnoKernContra CostaSan JoaquinVenturaTulare
CountyStanislausSan MateoSonomaSolanoSanta BarbaraButteSan FranciscoMontereyPlacerShastaSan LuisMercedImperialHumboldt
CountySanta CruzYoloMarinEl DoradoNapaMaderaKingsMendocinoTehamaSutterLakeYubaNevadaTuolumne
CountySiskiyouDel NorteGlennSan BenitoCalaverasAmadorLassenPlumasColusaInyoMariposaModocTrinityMono

New sensory modality to accelerate the recovery of your clients.

Regency of Evaluations

An early diagnosis and treatment will let a child with autism reach and develop to his full potential. The goal of an autism treatment is to improve the abilities of the child to function.

CountyLos AngelesSan DiegoOrangeSan BernardinoRiversideSacramentoAlamedaSanta ClaraFresnoKernContra CostaSan JoaquinVenturaTulare
Under 12 M6115716279156851221311221110447,4938414656957065257537042513946
12 to 18 M835217946896256978621,249751417960758315577332
18 to 24 M250925231799016050413464109276617717
24 to 36 M146577112931109285832229144102306
Over 36 M4891387218245771184314164523010
CountyStanislausSan MateoSonomaSolanoSanta BarbaraButteSan FranciscoMontereyPlacerShastaSan LuisMercedImperialHumboldt
Under 12 M3440335822671942216020662203216020991805155416411157503
12 to 18 M217264441445329321291104136146269123234262
18 to 24 M33472522851651105672032531439188
24 to 36 M173240932420715412565462810346
Over 36 M109577830422681511297
CountySanta CruzYoloMarinEl DoradoNapaMaderaKingsMendocinoTehamaSutterLakeYubaNevadaTuolumne
Under 12 M11571112961912579810697531629625391487478309
12 to 18 M71381372713345411124639107301920
18 to 24 M422437656592265219
24 to 36 M17131943130114922
Over 36 M131133241031131
CountySiskiyouDel NorteGlennSan BenitoCalaverasAmadorLassenPlumasColusaInyoMariposaModocTrinityMono
Under 12 M25113922525721619215686847053563934
12 to 18 M3262301012111712101111371
18 to 24 M1546131875516
24 to 36 M2565152111134
Over 36 M152122

Regency of Evaluations by California county

There can be many combinations of symptoms and behaviors that vary in severity when trying to observe and identify autism. The autism symptoms and behaviors might change with time, and autism treatments and autism therapies can be tailored to individual needs.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This treatment is based on the theory that behavior rewarded is more likely to be repeated than behavior ignored. Children usually work for 30 to 40 hours a week one-on-one with a trained professional. Years of practice has shown that ABA techniques result in new skills and improved behaviors in some children with autism.
  • TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children).This is a structured teaching approach based on the idea that the environment should be adapted to the child with autism, not the child to the environment. Teaching strategies are designed to improve communication, social, and coping skills. Like ABA, TEACCH also requires intensive one-on-one training.
  • Sensory Enrichment Therapy™. The Science of this autism therapy is a scientifically driven autism treatment that uses sensory experiences to enable the brain to reduce the symptoms of autism. It was developed by Mendability®, which is an online program that can be used at home at the convenience of the parent or care giver. It is using simple exercises that develop and encourage the brain to create new connections as it uses multiple senses.

Major cities in California where you can find early intervention and autism therapies: Oakland Alameda, Fremont Alameda, Hayward Alameda, Bakersfield Kern, Long Beach Los Angeles, Glendale Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Los Angeles, Lancaster Los Angeles, Palmdale Los Angeles, Pomona Los Angeles, Salinas Monterey, Anaheim Orange, Santa Ana Orange, Irvine Orange, Huntington Beach Orange, Garden Grove Orange, Moreno Valley Riverside, Corona Riverside, Elk Grove Sacramento, Fontana San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga San Bernardino, Ontario San Bernardino, Chula Vista San Diego, Oceanside San Diego, Escondido San Diego, Stockton, San Joaquin, San Jose, Santa Clara, Modesto Stanislaus, Oxnard Ventura, Santa Rosa.