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Second Study Confirms Again That Sensory Enrichment Therapy Reduces the Symptoms of

Sensory Enrichment Therapy improves IQ
Woo, C. C., Donnelly, J. H., Steinberg-Epstein, R., & Leon, M. (2015, June 8). Environmental Enrichment as a Therapy for Autism: A Clinical Trial Replication and Extension. Behavioral Neuroscience.
Sensory Enrichment Therapy improves Sensory Processing
After only six months, the children in the sensory enrichment group showed greater gains in their IQ scores (+8.4 points) relative to the gains showed by children in the standard care group (+1.5 points), as assessed by the Leiter-R test.
Sensory reactivity improved more for the children in the sensory enrichment group (+11.4 points) after six months compared with the standard care group (+2.9 points), as measured by the Short Sensory Profile.

What is Sensory Enrichment Therapy?

Mendability is the creator and telehealth provider of Sensory Enrichment Therapy for autism. Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a scientifically driven treatment that uses sensory experiences to enable the brain to reduce the symptoms of autism.
Mendability provides this therapy over the Internet at a low cost, giving a structured treatment protocol that parents and caregivers can administer twice a day for 10-15 minutes at home without the use of medications.

Real, lasting changes

Sensory Enrichment Therapy eases the symptoms of autism.

Most parents report improvement right away, with substantial, long-term results happening over time.

The program is part of a journey that places your child on a path for continual success—even after the treatment is finished.

We’ve seen that it works best when the parent(s) commit the time to do the therapy persistently and when the child finds a way to collaborate. Figuring out this balance will take time, but explaining the purpose of the exercises to your child can help.

Even though some children won’t, or can’t, acknowledge their understanding, they will feel your attempt to connect. Once the child starts to feel results and can comprehend why he or she is doing the therapy, the routine will become enjoyable.

You are the key

This is your chance to take control of your child’s therapy and to play a vital role in your child’s development.

As you engage in sensory exercises with your child and spend time together, you will feel the emergence of a strong, new connection. Many parents report feeling a sense of fulfillment and pride, and their child can feel it too.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences parents are reporting is their child’s increased ability to experience and exhibit spontaneous happiness.

Sensory enrichment exercises

The Mendability database contains over 500 exercises, ranging from smelling a pleasant aroma to walking blindfolded on a textured mat, with a range of sensory motor experiences in between.

Yes, some of the exercises seem silly, but in actuality, they allow us to stimulate the brain with precision.

Sensory Enrichment Exercises for Autism

A good example of one of these games is: Multitexture Walk holding a bear. Watch the video to learn why we use it.

Sensory enrichment doesn’t fix the brain, it strengthens it

With more connections your brain is a lot stronger and able to do a lot more

Until recently, it was believed that the brain could not change after the first few years of life.

But new research has shown that the brain has the ability to change—grow new neural pathways and synapses—at any stage of life. This process is known as brain plasticity.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine believe that brain plasticity can be triggered by Sensory Enrichment Therapy.

So, we have developed an Sensory Enrichment Therapy for you to do easily at home.

As brain plasticity is activated, the brain’s resiliency increases.

With the help of our personalized sensory enrichment therapy, the brain plasticity is then channeled to the areas that have the capacity to compensate for the maladaptive behavior.

The result is a brain that can adapt to change easily and compensate for any difficulty or stress, while retaining the innate characteristics that make your child so remarkable.

Our brain profiling process

Our proprietary software is based on the same mathematical structure used in Artificial Intelligence, re-engineered specifically for use in the selection of sensory enrichment exercises.

The algorithm links a series of 301 questions through multiple levels of factors and weights to 18 categories of brain function (olfactory, tactile, vision, etc.).

Based on the test responses, our software…  Read more >

Powerful brain mapping

Most autism treatments only take your child’s brain strengths and weaknesses into consideration. Mendability goes a step further and also considers where the brain is actually ready to be healed.

Every time you take a test*, the results show us where the brain is going.

We just have to listen and follow.

*Tests do not require the child to be present.

Mendability uses a simplified brain model to treat autism

Software intelligent enough to be personal

Because of the neural network structure, the system is very robust in handling the subjective and general nature of the questions you see in the tests. It is always adapting to your child’s brain and your child’s progress.

Mendability is also built with enough smarts to ensure that:

• The exercises are just right – not too hard, not too easy
• The worksheets don’t take too long
• The exercises don’t require expensive equipment
• The exercises are well balanced between repetition and new concepts

A typical day

Each Mendability exercise is either a “brain booster” or a “brain builder.”

Brain booster exercises take less than a minute to complete and are done multiple times throughout the day. Brain building sessions are done twice a day and take only 10 minutes to complete.

Full-time schoolMorning schoolAt home all dayFull-time daycareetc.


Brain builder early morning (10min.)
Brain booster before leaving (1min.)



Brain booster around snack time (1min.)
Brain builder after dinner (10min.)
• Bedtime routine (15min.)


Brain builder early morning (10min.)
Brain booster before leaving (1min.)



Brain booster around 2 (1min.)
Brain booster around snack time (1min.)
Brain builder after dinner (10min.)
• Bedtime routine (15min.)


Brain builder after breakfast (10min.)
Brain booster around 10 (1min.)
Brain booster after lunch (1min.)



Brain booster around 2 (1min.)
Brain booster around snack time (1min.)
Brain builder after dinner (10min.)
• Bedtime routine (15min.)


Brain builder early morning (10min.)
Brain booster before leaving (1min.)



Brain booster early evening (1min.)
Brain builder after dinner (10min.)
• Bedtime routine (15min.)

About timing:


• Spread the brain boosters evenly throughout the day.
• Leave a few hours between both brain-building sessions.

On crazy days, just do what you can.

*These are only examples of how a typical day of Mendability could go. You may arrange your day however it works best for you.

What to expect

Even though each child progresses at his/her own pace, most parents notice changes in mood and behavior right away.

Initially, it might appear that your child is going through what some parents call “an emotional storm,” while your child adjusts to the new program.

As your child develops new skills and awareness, he/she may try to re-test boundaries and push the limits of certain behaviors. This is a normal developmental process most children go through.

As you and your child go through this journey together it will lead to long-lasting results including improved scores on autism assessments (ADOS test or similar) and even an increase in IQ*. *now in clinical trial

You’ll always be connected

We’re confident that you already have what it takes to succeed, but we hope you will want to involve us in your therapy. We have a wealth of experience that we are eager to share with you.

There are also many parents like you currently doing Mendability that you can connect with on our online forum.

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