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Course Overview (for Assistants)

Who is this course for? The Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Assistant Certification is limited to individuals who work under the supervision of a professional within the same organization who has a current and active Sensory Enrichment Therapy Professional Certification. With this training, assistants will be able to confidently administer Sensory Enrichment Therapy under the supervision of […]

Frequently Asked Questions – What happens next?

Credential Verification How do I submit my credentials for verification so that I can create a Professional Account? Log into the SET Professional Certification Course. Now that you have completed the course, there should be a blue box titled Certification and Professional Account located at the top of the Course. There are 3 steps to […]

Your responsibilities as a certified professional

Overview In this chapter, we will review your responsibilities as an approved Mendability provider. There are some administrative responsibilities, such as keeping complete and accurate records, and also the responsibility to protect the private information of your clients. Administrative responsibilities Recordkeeping Mendability’s client relationship management (CRM) software is a useful tool to help you with […]

Professional Registration

Parent Course Overview

Who is this course for? This course will help improve your confidence and understanding while delivering Sensory Enrichment Therapy to your loved one. This course is provided completely online. You can take the course using your own computer or mobile device. This course does not certify you to deliver any therapy support to anyone else and […]

Client Relationship Management Tools

Overview In this chapter we will review the client relationship management tools on your Mendability Pro account that will help you manage care for your clients. In particular, we will review: How to register your own Mendability Pro account; The Invitations page where you can manage your clients; The CRM ticket system where you can […]

Roles of the Therapist

Overview In this chapter, we will cover the different roles you play as a Sensory Enrichment therapist. These include: Train the parents Refine the therapy Coordinate with other interventions Motivational coach Train the parents Help parents with the exercises Individuals receiving the therapy will benefit more from the protocols if the exercises are delivered in […]

Client Relationship Management Overview

Client Relationship Management Overview Delivering Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ requires you to maintain a good healthy relationship with each of your clients.  Managing that relationship takes time and caring and attention to detail.  We have software tools to help you manage the relationship. We will also present principles that can help you to interact with your […]

Needs outside of Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Please read the following: Needs outside of Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Mendability’s goal is to provide Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ in the best and safest way. The information below is an overview of the parameters of Sensory Enrichment Therapy. Please follow the link to read the full terms and conditions for Sensory Enrichment Therapy providers. We are […]