We want to help!

Our program has been designed to help with academic performance however we have been receiving very positive feedback related to behavioural concerns.

Hear it directly from Special Ed Directors and Teachers

We have been pleased to hear from the special ed teachers implementing this program that they are not only seeing very tangible academic advancement within weeks of starting our program but they are also seeing dramatic improvements in:
  • “no longer eloping”
  • “gets in line happily”
  • “greet each other by name”
  • “sits still through the whole class”
  • “more focused and engaged”
  • “meltdowns completely stopped”

How we do it!

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a daily, evidence-based, program of short, fun, hands-on activities.

These protocols are designed to provide the brain with enriching experiences shown to stimulate the creation of new neural pathways. 

Facilitators receive extensive training, mobile tools and support to implement the program in one-to-one or group settings.

To minimize learning curve, a Mendability Ambassador may be sent to help integrate this new modality on site.

What next?

  1. Time
  2. Customization
  3. Efficacy
  4. Engagement

5. Communication
6. Professional Development
7. Security & Privacy

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