Project Description

Mendability & TACA are working to help children with autism benefit from an exciting innovative therapy.

The goal is to gather data about the impact of Sensory Enrichment therapy on inflammation markers in children and adults on the autism spectrum. With enough samples we will be able to apply for research grants with the National Institute of Health.

This project allows us to thank TACA coordinators and key volunteers for their volunteer service and give them access to this therapy: Mendability. It will be available at no cost for TACA coordinators and key volunteers.

Therapy Summary Description

Mendability is a new, low-cost, clinically validated therapy for autism. Mendability uses Sensory Enrichment therapy to activate brain plasticity in kids with autism and help them overcome the symptoms of autism. The therapy involves parents or therapists administering non-pharmaceutical, carefully constructed sensory exercises.

Mendability’s specific protocols of Sensory Enrichment maximize neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. In a recent clinical trial conducted by UCI, nearly half the kids participating were no longer diagnosed as fully autistic after 6 months of Mendability therapy.

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Why: The New Study

Mendability for Autism was the basis for a research program and clinical trial at University of California, Irvine (UCI). Mendability for Autism uses a treatment known as Sensory Enrichment Therapy. Researchers at UCI documented marked improvement in children with autism ages 3 to 12 who engaged in Sensory Enrichment therapy. Study results are published online in Behavioral Neuroscience.

TACA will provide dedicated, innovative parents interested in furthering research in the development of effective therapies for autism. Mendability will provide the tools the volunteers need to do Sensory Enrichment therapy in their homes.

This new project may enable us to prepare a research grant application to submit to the National Institute of Health. The data gathered will be evaluated by doctors and professionals as part of the preparation of the grant application.

See stories of progress

Please note stories and information shared by TACA families will be confidential and not used for marketing without prior consent. The data will be made available to approved professionals and researchers. (If you see a story you like you can approach the family to share it. Most likely they will. They don’t want their story to be shared automatically.)

What’s involved:

1. Attend an introductory webinar.
2. Participate in a 3-month trial of Mendability (with an option for an additional 3 months).You will be doing exercises that take a few minutes a few times a day. There is a 10-minute questionnaire to take every couple of weeks to update the program. We also require you to keep a regular journal of your observations.
3. Provide ATEC score at the beginning of therapy and at 3 months (and 6 months) POST treatment.
4. Provide blood work test results from the past 12 to 24 months that include inflammatory markers (Sed Rate, CRP, ANA, OR, RF, etc).
5. Obtain follow up blood work test results on completing the trial.
(If you cannot provide the test results required, you may apply for special permission from TACA)

Thank you for participating in this important project! We look forward to hearing about your success story! Thank you for your participation!


This offer is only available to TACA coordinators and key volunteers. Do not forward this offer. (It is important to note that within weeks TACA will have a scholarship program available for qualified applicants.)

Have questions? Please call 1-888-579-7002 or post a question at the bottom of the page.