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#1 – Sensory Enrichment Therapy Course For Parents, a program usually priced at $79.95, comes to you at no cost. This course is a beacon of empowerment, guiding you through your child’s unique sensory development journey.

#2 – A Comprehensive Initial Assessment with Claudie, the founder of Mendability included in our Platinum plan, normally valued at a whopping $600. This in-depth assessment comprises various cognitive, sensory, and developmental tests providing a roadmap tailored for your child’s needs.

#3 – A 24-month guarantee, extending from the usual 12-months. If your loved one shows improvement in any of the measures, the guarantee is met. If not, a 100% refund on the Platinum plan awaits you.

This trifecta of offers is designed to provide a cushion of support, and a well of resources as you continue helping your child adapt to the rhythm of school life.

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