Essential Steps to Prepare for Your Mendability Strategy Session


✅ Your session will take place via a Zoom Meeting. If you haven’t downloaded Zoom yet, now’s the time.

 During our time together, we’ll be diving deep into your unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to managing your child’s autism.

 To make the most out of our session, please find a quiet place with a reliable internet connection.

 We’re serious about punctuality and hope you are too! Our experts have tightly packed schedules to serve as many families as possible.

 We’re excited to give you actionable advice that could change your child’s life—and yours—starting today.

STEP 02: Engage with Our Educational Content

Before your call, you’ll want to explore the treasure trove of insights and advice on our Mendability YouTube Channel. We’ve got some groundbreaking articles about autism, sensory experiences, and much more. Subscribe to become a meltdown-management maestro!

STEP 03: Confirm & Accept Your Demo Call

You’ll find a calendar invite in your inbox. Please double-check the date and time to make sure it fits into your schedule.

STEP 04: Immerse Yourself in Real Stories

You’re not alone in this journey. Take a moment to read through our client case studies to see how Mendability has been a life-changer for families just like yours.

We can’t wait to guide you on this transformative journey toward a better life for your child and a more harmonious family environment. See you soon!

— Kim Pomares

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