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Geetha Ramanujam, M.R.Sc., B.Ed., Dip.H.I.,L.D(FCDE)

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Local / Telehealth local, telehealth
Age groups served Children
Disorders served adhd, autism, Disabilities
Languages Served English, Tamil
Accepts Insurance No
Special Pricing Yes
Credentials M.R.Sc

I am K Geetha, Director, Pravaag, Transitional Centre for Children with Autism, Tiruchirapalli, India.  My Post-graduate Degree is in the field of Rehabilitation Science.  I had a Diploma in Hearing Impairment from Institute VoorDoven, The Netherlands.  I have also done my B.Ed. in Special Education.    My total experience in this field is 27 years out of which the initial 10 years was in the capacity of Lecturer in Holy Cross College and the second 17 years till date is serving children with special needs (especially children with Autism and hearing impairment ).

My tasks in the Program includes preparing and providing  instructional strategies, evaluating, recording, communicating and coordinating activities  for children with autism besides counseling the parents of such children.


– Date of Certification: 30 Jun 2016

– Experience: 27 Years

– Other Qualification: Certified Handwriting Specialist

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