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Elianita de Paula

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Local / Telehealth local
Age groups served Adults, Teens, Children, Infants
Disorders served adhd, autism, Developmental Delay, down syndrome
Languages Served Albanian, Greek, Portuguese
Accepts Insurance -
Special Pricing -
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We provide iLs, Speech-language and sensory enrichment therapy. We have extensive experience with configuration and use of AAC devices. We also offer training to parents and organizations.

Our company is family owned and all of the current therapeutic modalities offered are currently used to treat our special “Malokera” family member. We have also used a few on ourselves to reduce stress, optimize performance, memory and improve our quality of life! 

As the family of a very special non-verbal little girl diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2, we understand the challenges you face and we want to walk beside you on this, sometimes bumpy but, so very amazing journey!

– Date of Certification: 05 Mar 2017

– Experience: ASD, SPD, Cognitive delays, speech-language disorders, behavior disorders.

– Other Qualification: SLP-A, iLS practioner, Interactive metronome certified provider

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