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Start the day right with a natural Dopamine boost!

By now, you know that you can boost your energy and motivation levels through a simple conscious smelling activity. The tip I am about to share sounds almost to obvious to qualify as a tip, but considering the impact it has had on me and Claudie in the last month, maybe obvious doesn’t mean it […]

Aerobic exercise and brain repair

Aerobic exercise is crucial for good health. It strengthens the immune system, and, most importantly for children with special needs, it helps the brain grow and repair. When you look at your child, you may describe them as “busy”, “hyperactive”, “highly strung” and “doesn’t sit still”. And so you might say to yourself, “Well, at […]

Calmer by Nature DVD

Barry Wheelock, the owner of a company in the UK who produces Nature DVD’s, contacted me recently to introduce me to one of his products. The DVD is simply an hour of nature scenes taken, it would seem, in England. It looks like they put the camera on a tripod in a beautiful location, turned […]

Our brain and metals

What is a Metal? Our body is composed of almost every natural element found in nature. This is as true for metals as it is for water or carbon. Let’s define metal before going any further: in astronomy, a “metal” is any element other than hydrogen or helium. Astronomers feel justified in grouping this diverse […]