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    1. Kim Post author

      $89 is currently the lowest cost to do Sensory Enrichment therapy. But there are good news in the pipeline about that. Watch this space! :-)

      1. Kim Post author

        We have since released new payment plans, starting at $69/month when you pay annually.

  1. Melinda Alleyne

    Have you had success with young adults? My son is 20 and continues to grow and overcome Autism… Just wondering if you have seen success with anyone older…

  2. Jillian

    My son is also 2 1/2 and non-verbal. I noticed the comment above asking similar question with same age. My son doesn’t follow instructions so will the exercises work with that along with being non-verbal 2 1/2 year old?

    1. Kim Post author

      We designed the sensory enrichment exercises so that he can do them even if it is difficult for him to follow instructions. But don’t worry, when you start the Mendability program you will be assigned to one of us here who will work with you to find the best ways to do the games with your son.

  3. Kevin McClain

    I think this program will be beneficial for our Son Luke; Age 10.
    However unable to afford the program……..Thank you

  4. Johanna Proano

    I would like to know how much of what you offer can we use on our 2 and a half year old? Are there any schools that offer this program in Atlanta, Georgia?
    If so, where?

    1. Kim Post author

      We have over 500 exercises in our database and it grows all the time. We built the system with enough smarts to give you only exercises that are suited to your child, not too hard, not too easy, etc.

      Also, as far as we can tell, age is not a factor with sensory enrichment therapy.

    2. Kim Post author

      We don’t know of schools in Atlanta that do sensory enrichment. The training program for schools is actually pretty simple. If you would like your school to be trained to do a few sensory enrichment protocols at the beginning of each day with some classes, get them in touch with us. We can show them how to get started.

    1. Kim Post author

      With Mendability, the idea is to repair for good. Make sure you do the therapy for a few months longer after you think you are done in order to make sure your child has had a full chance to consolidate the improvements.

      How long you do Mendability depends on many factors, chief among them is the severity of symptoms at the beginning of the program.

      So while most parents are reporting visible changes in their child after just a few weeks of therapy, in order to create a substantial and permanent change in the brain we believe that the minimum duration for the treatment should be 3 to 6 months.

  5. Elizabeth Mogtader

    I look forward to utilizing this program with a number of the children I work with…..it looks very promising and the parents I have spoken to are excited and eager to start. Right now I am looking to see what ‘supplies’ I need to purchase so we can all ‘get started’.


  6. Rita Hendry

    I would love to be able to afford this for my son but as I live on a budget it is not possible. If you ever have a free session please let me know. I think this would be great for Jacob but as I said living on a budget I can’t afford this. I can’t really afford anything. Thank you for making this affordable for the families who can’t afford the higher priced programs. This is really a blessing for those families. Keep it up.

    1. Kim Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Rita. We will continue to work on making this autism therapy more and more accessible.

  7. Heidi Farrell

    HMMM, never heard of it. would like to try it or see the “games” maybe do a one month trial?

  8. Terri Taylor

    I am not sure how this program works but my son was diagnosed with autism two years ago and i dont think there is retraining brain there is working with what you got and making it stronger not pushing parents to pay monthly fees for your software. i can get same stuff online free. Many to think i was thinking about this.

  9. Julie Gaulden

    I am very excited about trying this program! Could I try the advanced for a few months and then switch to the lite? I’m not sure I can commit to an extra $90 every month but I can see the benefit of starting out with a more personalized plan.

    1. Kim Post author

      Thank you for your nice comments, Julie!

      You can downgrade, pause, cancel and upgrade at anytime. When you downgrade, the next worksheet you will get is the first generic worksheet of the set. When you upgrade back to the Advanced program you will get back where you left off. No need to re-do a baseline test then.

  10. Prof Dr Eric Lim

    Hi, i am the Founder of Kits4Kids Foundation, a social enterprise dealng with disabilities and we would like to explore Mendability at a corporate level. We have qualified OTs and SpEd teachers and see the potentials of this program conducted in other languages besides English. Please advise me.

    1. Kim Post author

      Yes, with Mendability you can do therapy with children with autism all over the world. We would welcome a partnership with an organization such as yours with a mandate to keep therapy as affordable as possible. I look forward to speaking more with you. Together we can make a difference.

  11. Kathy haughton

    So who is the best fit for this program?
    You mention in one of the above it doesn’t work for everybody, is there an intake to be sure the person is a candidate?
    My son has little attention to direction, challenged with motor skills especially fine.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi, Kathy!

      We don’t know how to predict who it is going to work for. The simple practical truth is that everyone is different and that you will not know that it is working until you see YOUR OWN child get better.

      If you don’t see what you need to see, then cancel and all you have lost is one month doing spending quality time with your child a few times a day.

  12. kenny power

    my son darren is 22
    had seizures at 2 yearrs old and a massive 12-13 min seizure at 8 so that was the one that did all the damage
    he was not diagnosed until he was 9-11 as asd
    we have been told he is too old as the brain can not be retrained
    are there people using this that are in the same age group.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi, Kenny!

      We just signed up a few parents with older and adult children while at an autism conference last week on our therapy. We will get a few anecdotal stories from them in the next few months.

      As far as we are concerned, there is nothing in the theory and in the evidence we have so far that would indicate that your son’s brain has less of an ability to get better and stronger than any other. In fact, with adults we find that they “get it”. They also want to get better as they see the impediments that some of their challenges has on their ability to do some things. That extra level of motivation helps make this treatment program work better.

  13. Lynn Adams

    I would like the read the peer-reviewed, published literature. Where may I find that?

    1. Kim Post author

      We posted a selected bibliography on our “how it works” page, but the big one is not out yet. We were told to expect it this week. Watch for news from “Behavioral Neuroscience” published by the APA. :-)

  14. Melanie Elliott

    Has this been used as part of a school program before? Is there a rate if it were going to be used with several students (10) in a school program, possibly even as a pilot?

    Melanie Elliott
    Special Education Dept Head
    Special Education ILC/RR Instructor
    Secondary Level

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi, Melanie!

      Before Mendability, we conducted a study for 2 years in a school. The teacher would pass the kits to the kids and they would work together in pairs. They did Sensory Enrichment once a day at the beginning of class while the teacher prepared for the day. They only did one protocol: the Multisensory Core protocol. The results were astounding, not only academically but behaviorally as well.

      We are working on a “Pro” version of Mendability that will allow one person to monitor multiple accounts. It sounds like this is what you would want to use. Get on our mailing list. When we are ready to release the “Pro” account, we will announce it to our mailing list.

    1. Kim Post author

      We are currently in talks with associations to setup scholarship programs. Stay tuned.

  15. Danielle Faulkner

    I have a 10yr with Autism and she has a hard time in school…SHe yell’s and things… I go to lot of Doc and things i do try to find her anything i can to help her with this….

  16. cindy worthington

    is there any way to view a sample of this? I am a teacher and perhaps my school would be interested.

  17. Amy

    I can understand that, fortunately we receive alot through our school district now….although so far the out of the box therapies and treatments have been the most effective ones. Looking forward to trying mendability!

  18. Amy

    Haven’t tried it yet but plan to, just want to say you can’t please everyone. $59 or $89 a month is not a lot especially compared to other treatments. We were paying $70 A WEEK in copays for speech and occupational therapies. This is affordable.

    1. Kim Post author

      Thanks for your kind words of support, Amy.

      I think the difficulty lies in “adding” one more cost. We did design Mendability to be practically self-sufficient and it could replace the other therapies but you want to see how well it works with your child before you make it your only autism therapy.

  19. Tina

    Would like to see a free trial before committing to a monthly program. Hope this will be considered…

    1. Kim Post author

      The free trial would make it difficult for us to give you the support you need. As soon as you sign up you are assigned to a specialist who will work with you to make the program fit your child. We did a good job at automatic a lot of the program in order to keep the costs down, but real people cannot be replaced. We don’t want you to try this on your own and miss the mark because we were not there to show you around.

      Having said that, there is a good chance this program will not work for you, and so we made it easy for you to get a complete refund. Right from your account page, you can demand a refund at the click of a button and see your first month refunded in full, no questions asked. No forms or requests to submit. No approval process. You click the button and the credit card charge is reversed.

    1. Kim Post author

      I understand. There is a big need for a solution that works and that is easy to access. Price is a big factor. We are pleased with everything we have been able to do already to keep the costs down, but we did not want to cut corners with real live help. There is only so much you can do on your own without support. And that cost is hard to work around. But I know that insurance companies will be looking at Mendability soon. The evidence-based alternatives are just so expensive!

    1. Kim Post author

      We have heard good and bad with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I suppose it’s like every other therapy, including ours. It works great for some and not for others.

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