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  1. katia

    Is Mendability a long term therapy? How long do you recommend it for? When do we expect to see results? Is it something we should be practicing for life? My son is 10 and a half years old and experiencing anxiety episodes and more challenges with concentration at school. I feel discouraged, I really hope this could help. Thank you

    1. Kim Post author

      It’s great that you are interested in enriching the environment in your school to help your students learn better.

      The professor who ran the first pilot study looking at the effectiveness of this new therapy on children with autism commented in the paper’s concluding remarks that school would be an ideal setting to run an enrichment therapy program.

      (You can download and real the complete paper here: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/bne-127-4-487.pdf )

      And so we are currently developing a school-focused program and running a couple of pilots to learn how we can help school teachers without adding too much to their load.

      It is too early to give any dates for release. May I recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter. We will surely post the announcement there when the program is available.

      How did you think your school could incorporate enrichment protocols? Would it be for all the children? Do you have children with special needs that you are thinking about in particular?

  2. Rosa solito

    My son is 17 years old,he is last year in high school .i would like to know how work mend ability sistem I would like more information,my English is not very goog I’m not to much good in the computer but I wish help to my son.please help me!

    1. Kim Post author

      Hello Rosa,

      Mendability is the tool you use to do Sensory Enrichment Therapy at home with your son. Sensory Enrichment Therapy is a new type of therapy that uses sensory experiences to activate the brain’s self-repair mechanisms.

      With Sensory Enrichment Therapy you would be doing exercises at home with your son to prompt growth and repair in the right areas of the brain, in the right order. Over time, enough growth and repair leads to effective compensation in the brain, and the symptoms start to disappear.

      The exercises take a few minutes to do and you do them twice a day, ideally.

      Mendability is the online portal that you access to have the therapy customized for your son. You will also be assigned to a therapist who will coach you through the program. You can call them anytime, but they will be checking on you regularly to make sure you are doing the therapy properly.

      Is this what you needed to know? What is your biggest concern for your son?

  3. Bani

    Do you have a rating page, where people/families that have tried your method can share their comments, likes and dislikes about your program?
    If yes, where can I find it? If no, why not?
    Thank you

    1. Kim Post author

      The only direct clinical data we have looking at Sensory Enrichment Therapy is on children with autism, aged 3 to 12. Here is a link to the first published clinical trial:


      The data we have internally (from gathering reports on our adult clients with brain injury) is not statistically significant yet. You would have to consider this an experiment.

  4. Nancy

    2 Questions:
    1. Wold your therapists taylor the program to children to who have Sensorty Processing Disorder/ADHD/Anxiety, but not autism per se…adn would you expect it to be effective for such?
    2. If we have a family of with 1-2 children who need treatment, and a overfocused ADD adult who may benefit from treatment, what is pricing for that? Is the pricing per family or per person?

    1. Kim Post author

      Hello Nancy,

      I will be glad to answer your questions.

      1) The therapy would be customized to your children’s own set of strengths and challenges, yes.

      When you start the therapy, you will complete a lengthy questionnaire that covers many different areas, from sleep to eating, through fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and many more to create as complete a picture of the child as possible. Wether the child has a formal diagnosis and what that is has little to no impact on what exercises you get. It’s all based on that “picture” of the child that we obtained from your answers to the questionnaire and from your communications with your Mendability therapists.

      2) Today, a Mendability account comes with 4 slots for extra family members who need to do the therapy. In practice, families end up only working on customizing the therapy for one child at a time. When other children could benefit what is usually done is that the other kid(s) is(are) invited to join in with the principal child’s customized activities.

      If you think you could benefit from extra “brain health” too, then you should know that as you do the exercises with the child you will be exposed also to similar experiences. One thing we recommend is doing the exercises to yourself first, which will have the added benefit of acting as a useful demonstration to your child.

  5. Tülay

    Hi, my niece is 23 years old she has Autizm. She can’t communicate and its hearthbreaking. She cries every single day of frustriation that she can’t communicate. Also she throws tantrums. Please Please , do you think this program truly would help her??? Is there a book that I can learn and teach her mother .. So she can help her daughter. My sister can’t understand English.
    Kindest Regards

    1. Kim Post author

      Yes, Mendability can help with communication and with anxiety. These two areas are in the top areas where parents are reporting the most progress with this new therapy.

      About helping your sister, all we have is the website. It has videos to show her some ways to do the protocols, but it’s best when she can be trained by one of our staff at the beginning.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Arnie,

      Yes you can combine Sensory Enrichment Therapy with ABA. In fact that’s how the clinical trial was done at the University of California, Irvine. All the kids in the study did the standard therapies. The pilot group did standard care + Sensory Enrichment Therapy. 7% of the control group achieved clinically significant improvement. Contrast that with 42% in the pilot group who achieved clinically significant improvement.

  6. Christina Smart

    Hello Mendability Staff,
    I just spoke with Claudie about this program for my son, but also interested
    In upcoming certification program. Please contact me once you have details
    Of this opportunity…


    1. Kim Post author

      Thank you for your interest in the program.

      The best way to stay in touch is via our newsletter.


      Follow the signup link above. When we have an update about the certification program, we will announce it there.

      I hope we can help you with your son too. :-)

      P.S. I removed your contact details from your comment. I think it’s safer that way.

        1. Kim Post author

          Hello Nicole,

          Here is a link to subscribe to our newsletter:


          I’m glad to see you interested. Do you have a child on the spectrum?

  7. arnie

    Hi just wondering if this is available here in New Zealand, planning to purchase for my son. thank you and God bless.

    1. Kim Post author

      Yes, Arnie! The tools to do the therapy are online. You will also be assigned to a therapist on our staff who will coach you through the program. Obviously there are time differences issues to consider but, we have clients in New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia in roughly the same time zones. We are familiar with that aspect. Talk to your coach when you sign up about best times to call, best methods (Skype, etc.), etc.

  8. Mary Rowe

    Hi. I would like to know if you have courses for educators in South Africa who would like to implement this in remedial classrooms?

    1. Kim Post author

      We’re currently focused currently on making it easier and better for families to do the therapy in their homes but, we will be developing soon the types of resources and programs that will enable professionals and special educators to “enrich” their therapy and school environments and improve outcomes. I am quite excited about what it’s going to be. I recommend you subscribe to our newsletter. When we are ready to release the materials, we will announce it there.

  9. Laura

    Hi there. What a wonderful site and philosophy! I am a trained Montessori teacher and at our school here in South Africa we have just started an autism unit. I’m very interested in your therapy but how would it work for us working with a number of autistic children? Would we need to register each child individually or do you offer a plan for group registrations? With thanks and blessings.

    1. Kim Post author

      We are trying to figure out the best way to help schools implement Sensory Enrichment Therapy principles. Right now, the only option is to register each child individually but, we realize this is not the best one for overwhelmed school staff. We had a couple of ideas and are testing their viability in a few pilot programs. Stay in touch via our newsletter. We will announce the programs there when they are ready. :-)

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Ednalyn,

      You can use practically anything for scents, so long as it smells nice and that your child really likes the smell of it. It could be freshly baked bread (my personal favorite at the moment), a lotion, a soap, an essential oil, a spice, a sauce. I am sure you already have something in your house already that would qualify. You could take your child on a treasure hunt around the house to find something that he likes.

  10. Teresa

    Hi, I’m interested in trying mendability for my son, He’s 17 and has autism, lately has become really anxious and agressive, his speech is delayed, but he’s obssesed wanting Us to repeat what he’s said, I’m really desperate to help him, Do You think the program can help him with these problems? thanks for your response.

    1. Kim Post author

      Thanks for reaching out, Teresa. The short answer is yes, Sensory Enrichment Therapy is designed to work on the brain functions involved in speech development and anxiety. One of the first things parents generally report is a child that is more relaxed, more comfortable in his own skin and more engaged. Speech development is a complex neurological process that requires many parts of the brain working together well. If there is a bottleneck in any of them, for example, then you will see difficulties. One of the things Sensory Enrichment Therapy does is work at removing those bottle necks.

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