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    1. Kim Post author

      The only direct clinical data we have looking at Sensory Enrichment Therapy is on children with autism, aged 3 to 12. Here is a link to the first published clinical trial:


      The data we have internally (from gathering reports on our adult clients with brain injury) is not statistically significant yet. You would have to consider this an experiment.

  1. Nancy

    2 Questions:
    1. Wold your therapists taylor the program to children to who have Sensorty Processing Disorder/ADHD/Anxiety, but not autism per se…adn would you expect it to be effective for such?
    2. If we have a family of with 1-2 children who need treatment, and a overfocused ADD adult who may benefit from treatment, what is pricing for that? Is the pricing per family or per person?

    1. Kim Post author

      Hello Nancy,

      I will be glad to answer your questions.

      1) The therapy would be customized to your children’s own set of strengths and challenges, yes.

      When you start the therapy, you will complete a lengthy questionnaire that covers many different areas, from sleep to eating, through fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and many more to create as complete a picture of the child as possible. Wether the child has a formal diagnosis and what that is has little to no impact on what exercises you get. It’s all based on that “picture” of the child that we obtained from your answers to the questionnaire and from your communications with your Mendability therapists.

      2) Today, a Mendability account comes with 4 slots for extra family members who need to do the therapy. In practice, families end up only working on customizing the therapy for one child at a time. When other children could benefit what is usually done is that the other kid(s) is(are) invited to join in with the principal child’s customized activities.

      If you think you could benefit from extra “brain health” too, then you should know that as you do the exercises with the child you will be exposed also to similar experiences. One thing we recommend is doing the exercises to yourself first, which will have the added benefit of acting as a useful demonstration to your child.

  2. Tülay

    Hi, my niece is 23 years old she has Autizm. She can’t communicate and its hearthbreaking. She cries every single day of frustriation that she can’t communicate. Also she throws tantrums. Please Please , do you think this program truly would help her??? Is there a book that I can learn and teach her mother .. So she can help her daughter. My sister can’t understand English.
    Kindest Regards

    1. Kim Post author

      Yes, Mendability can help with communication and with anxiety. These two areas are in the top areas where parents are reporting the most progress with this new therapy.

      About helping your sister, all we have is the website. It has videos to show her some ways to do the protocols, but it’s best when she can be trained by one of our staff at the beginning.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Arnie,

      Yes you can combine Sensory Enrichment Therapy with ABA. In fact that’s how the clinical trial was done at the University of California, Irvine. All the kids in the study did the standard therapies. The pilot group did standard care + Sensory Enrichment Therapy. 7% of the control group achieved clinically significant improvement. Contrast that with 42% in the pilot group who achieved clinically significant improvement.

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