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Project Description

Mendability™ is launching a 6-week pilot program tailored to children with AD/HD. The program guides their parents through a series of exercises to do with their children every day that can substantially improve the functioning of the brain and balance the nervous system of individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder.

Mendability’s drug-free approach has been shown in clinical trials[i] to significantly reduce symptoms in a short time frame, even in older children. Many individuals see improvement in days and weeks and most experience lasting changes within 3-6 months. This program builds on the success of Mendability’s Autism program and is backed by decades of research that shows Sensory Enrichment can strengthen our brains and balance the neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

“Our exercises are simple – they may even look goofy – and so when we say that they strengthen the brain, improve focus, reduce irritability, calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, insomnia and anti-social behavior, it sounds strange. But, to me, showing parents that they can improve how their children’s brain works simply through mostly pleasure is very powerful.”
states co-founder Kim Pomares.

“Our Sensory Enrichment therapy is great news for families with children struggling with AD/HD as these protocols are easy to do, can be done at home without any special training, does not strain the family budget and they are very effective”,
adds Eyal Aronoff, co-founder of Mendability™
(Mr. Aronoff was the co-founder of Quest Software™ which was recently sold to Dell™ for $2.4 billion. His daughter and his nephew both benefitted from the therapy)

Where and When

The program will run for 6 weeks on Saturdays from November 9-December 14th from 10:00-10:30AM. There is no charge to participate in this 6-week program. The program is usually offered as an on-line resource to families and individuals around the world, but this pilot Project offers individuals a rare opportunity to work with the co-founder of Mendability™ personally and to learn the protocols in a group setting.


“Running this group allows us to teach our protocols in person and to closely monitor and track results. While there are years of research and many success stories related to Autism we are in the beginning stages of collecting data for AD/HD. Early prototypes and Beta testers showed excellent results based on self-reporting. In exchange for being a part of the pilot program there will be no charge to participants and they will have the benefit of working one on one in a group setting with the co-founder of the company.”
states Kim Pomares.

To register for the program or for more information call Kim Pomares at 403-776-4436 or email [email protected] or visit



What’s involved:

1. Apply to participate in the pilot.
2. Commit to Participate in a 6-week trial of the new Mendability® for ADHD program. You will be doing exercises that take a few minutes a few times a day. There is a 10-minute questionnaire to take every couple of weeks to update the program. We also require you to keep a regular journal of your observations.
3. Attend weekly support group sessions in Okotoks. Address will be provided to successful applicants

Thank you to all who have applied. All the pilot memberships have now been allocated. Early next year we will release the first public version of the ADHD program.
Would you like to be placed in an early bird notification list?


Anyone is eligible to participate so long as their child is diagnosed with ADHD, but we will only enroll 12 families, on a first come, first served basis.

Have questions? Please call 1-888-579-7002 or post a question at the bottom of the page.

2 thoughts on “ADHD

  1. Melissa

    I understand that the study has already started but I would love to get my som into it. He has ADHD and has very little focus without medication. I am against meds but feel like I am basically forced as he doesn’t retain knowledge at school without them.
    Please let me know if we can work together.
    Thank you,

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Melissa,

      The pilot has started already and is running at full capacity. In fact it’s already over capacity by 2, so the bad news is that there is no room for your son to come in as a free participant.

      But you can sign up now for our complete program for Autism if you want. You can also wait until we release the final version of our ADHD program. The Autism program is basically a stronger version of the ADHD program.

      Medication should not interfere with the therapy. When your son’s symptoms get better you should be able to point out the improvement to your doctor. I would expect that in turn he would recommend a decrease in dosage.


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